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Hi everyone! ^_^. My name is Tsukino Usagi and I'm just your average girl! I'm also a Princess of the Moon, A future Queen and the warrior for Love and Justice, Sailor Moon! Ok! So I may be a *little* bit more than your average girl!

I enjoy eating, snacking,...oh wait, aren't those the same? ^-^;;. I also like to watch tv, sleep, and play video games! I'm not good at school and fail a lot of tests, but I really try! Ami-chan helps me with my grades while Rei-chan is mean and calls me a Baka Odango! Nyaaahh! -Sticks tongue out- Take that, Rei-chan!

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Minako-chan is gaga over Kou Yaten or the Starlights, ACTUALLY, OR any other cute boys that come around, her and Mako-chan seem to make that a hobby. Oh, haaii! Mako-chan! Mako-chan bakes these yummy yummy snacks for me! Though, I eat so much, I get a stomach ache ^-^;;. Then there's Setsuna-san, Michiru-san, Haruka-san and Hortaru-chan! My outer scouts. We barely see them but Haruka-san is always making sure I don't get into trouble, I'm her 'koneko-chan' =D.

I have a future daughter with Mamoru/Prince Endymion/King Endymion named Chibi Usa and boy can she be a brat! She defintely takes after her father! They both can be so mean to meeee! Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy is everyone so mean to me!? Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! -Three hours later- -Sniffs- Oh sorry, was I crying? What was I saying....Oh! It's time for a snack! Ja ne!

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My little journal

This is where I'll write about my day! Probably mostly my hate towards school... -.-.



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GS Parallel Mercury Report | 06/30/2012 12:32 am
GS Parallel Mercury
Happy Birthday Usagi! ^-^
Cosmic Sailor Earth Report | 11/06/2011 10:22 pm
Cosmic Sailor Earth
While Usagi seemed to be alone tonight, walking home by herself, something was following her. Faint rustling sounds could be heard as Usagi walked alone. She wasn't near anyone's place that she knew, and no one seemed to be near by. Just....what looked like a shadow of a figure hiding in the darkness.
Geno the Star Guardian Report | 11/02/2010 10:52 pm
Geno the Star Guardian
Yeah. I did. Did you come back? Last I heard you were gone for over a year..
ibunnygirlAlice Report | 07/09/2010 1:43 pm
Usagi chan ^^
Sparkling Gemstone Anon Report | 12/19/2009 2:04 pm
Sparkling Gemstone Anon
Happy Birthday! Where did you get your profile look?
virgogirl17 Report | 12/19/2009 10:13 am
Happy birthday usagi!!! Hope you get ALL the cake you want
Livin_in_the_10th_Kingdom Report | 10/12/2009 6:24 am
Do I have your main account? XD
Crystal Sailor Pluto Report | 08/27/2009 8:38 pm
Crystal Sailor Pluto
Much thanks. :3
Crystal Sailor Pluto Report | 08/27/2009 6:49 pm
Crystal Sailor Pluto
Ah, what is that main?
Crystal Sailor Pluto Report | 08/27/2009 6:47 pm
Crystal Sailor Pluto
You're leaving? sad


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