''United we stand
Divided we fall''


Kentucky is one of the 50 States of America she can be very shy at times.She can make friends very easily and is lovable at times.She can be very annoying at times also.Her favorite food is Hotdogs with cheese on them. She likes attention and looks about 21. Her Capitol is Frankfort.


The Axis

Italy - She knows him very well and gets along with him most of the time
Germany - Shes scared to get close to him because she doesn't know if he will make her train like he does with Italy and Japan
Japan - She thinks of him like an older brother even though she likes to annoy him alot

Allied Forces

America - She is one of his states and thinks of him more than a friend
England - She thinks of him as a older brother and can get along well with him
France - Scared of him MOST of the time
Russia - She get's scared of him alot
China - She close to China and loves his cooking