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Hey there! Please call me Lily because only my mother calls me Liliana when she's angry with me. cat_razz I was born on January 15th. Yes, a momentous day it was. I'm currently 16 years old. To satisfy my adoring stalkers, I'll say that I live in CA, and I'm adjacent to the seashore - literally. Sometimes, I step out on the beach and tickle hermit crabs. I'm French, German, Korean, and Japanese - hence making me half Caucasian, half Asian. emotion_awesome Some of my hobbies include singing, playing piano, playing tennis, acting, drawing, writing, dancing, running, hanging out with friends, and studying. On weekends, I like to dress in expensive Lolita clothes for no good reason with my friends. I am single and I'm looking for the perfect fish to marry - and then eat. yum_tuna All of my friends tell me I look like a vampire because I have quite the light pallor. Also, I'm a lot thinner than your average gal. I'm 5'3 and 103 lbs. I don't like eating that much unlike most people. Thanks guys. cat_mad If you'd like to befriend me, please get to know me first by stalking me. Find me lurking in Towns, CB, Virtual Hollywood, Rally, playing Booty Grab, zOMG, or random event forums. If you know me just vaguely, don't request for friendship yet! Let's get to know each other like peanut-butter to jelly!