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About Me

(カンス ノ オーンド アトスイ)
My name is Echo (こどま).
I cosplay Red.
My Pokémon are powerful.
(4 Pokémon 2V2 is what I'm best at)
My Brawl skills are not to be thought lightly, I even have a fan page.
The first Church of Pika Jesus the Digimon Tamer.
I play Magic, Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh TCG's, I refuse to call them CCG's.
I no longer pay for Yu-Gi-Oh or Pokémon cards.
Star Trek Voyager and Kathryn Janeway is favorite ship and captain.
I am rather good with computers, I am |-|4><0,- but L337 |-|4><0,- not quite.

AUser Image is more my game then CUser ImageUser Image.
If you can't tell by now I am nerd for all points that matter all though I've been called one of the coolest nerds ever.
I consider my self a nerd, not an otaku.
I am a romantic.
(Most times a hopeless romantic)
I'm a fairly calm and centered person body and mind.
I live in the Twin City's MN and I'm now 20 and looking for someone to call my own, again. I prefer long term relationships and dislike people that just want someone to have someone, rather then want "Me" for "Me".
I've had to many issues with girls that don't really want me.
They either want "Someone" or say they like me but pull some sh*t.
I dislike it when people say they love someone and they hardly even know them.
I have only had one 'true' love so far in my life and she hurt me vary badly.
I don't take crap from no one.
I am a lover, not a fighter, but that don't mean I can't kick a**.

If you'd like to know more and get to know me feel free to add me.


The First Church of Pika Jesus the Digimon Tamer; My Super Smash Bro's: Brawl Fan Page

The First Church of Pika Jesus the Digimon Tamer is my fan page for Super Smash Bro's: Brawl, We also host events from about every 3 months.

::True Story of Pika Jesus::
I always play Pikachu and own majorly, I also choose blue witch means he has goggles so we started calling him a Digimon tamer, (as we know all Digimon tamer's where goggles) at the Riverview Tournament I could not make a name cause all the space was full so all my friends got me to set my name as Jesus cause like him, no matter how dead you thought I was I came right back.
So from then on it became Pika Jesus the Digimon tamer.

Since then it has coalesced into a group of avid SSB Brawl players. We go to Local tournaments when they come by and we host our own event with an ever growing number of members. We call our event a 'MASS' so far we have had 4 official 'MASS's and we are planing the 5th.

>>>Our Event List [Past & Future]<<<
>>>The Fictional Story of Pika Jesus<<<

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My Zelda music

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Possibly the most epic Zelda playlist ever!

customheat aka Kodoma-kun

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PM me if there is a broken track on my playlist

Gah!~I've so done that Lolz!

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I am Jace Beleren
Master planeswalker of
~Illusion~blue magic

Magical Master of minds
and illusions.

I have a face book to ^-^

Yeah this is me, sword and all.

I'm also good at TCG's

I'll play almost every thing

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