Ethnicity: Filipino, Irish, & German
Age: Twenty-two.

You can call me Chihi, Chiblio, Churro, or Chi. I'm a Level 69 Blood Elf that specializes in spells and bows. During my free time, I like to ride my alpaca and let my hair flow as we gallop into the mountains to gather ingredients for potions. I also enjoy watching Pink Cupcake1 when she isn't looking. When she's sleeping, I smell her hair and whisper sweet nothings into her ear. I live in a pimpin' safehouse where the Samoans come to check out Pink Cupcake1 and for all of us to just chill in, of course. You'll usually find me bounty hunting in towns, pissing people off in the MP, or reelin' in them fishies at any three of the lakes.

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