gaia_star Link: gaia_star

1. I may lower down prices depending on lowest/average prices. yum_puddi
2. Private message me if you want to Trade with me. I accept reasonable fair or/and overprice offers. yum_puddi
3. Friendly via messages please or you will be ignored. yum_puddi
4. I do trades with pure gold and items. It can be out of my wishlist. yum_puddi
5. There are no acceptations for returns/refund. yum_puddi
6. Do not ask me to "gift" or sent you "freebies" I usually do that on my own free will when I feel like I want to gift. yum_puddi
7. I am currently on hiatus and sometimes respond whenever I get the chance to be online. yum_puddi
8. I do accept trades with a discount of 5%. yum_puddi

gaia_gaiagold Currently Questing: Pure Gold + these items: Scott Pilgrim: Knives Chau gaia_gaiagold


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