It pains me sometimes to look at these things and realize how horribly not up to date they are, or how awful and embarrassing it was to read; and I wrote it!!! Well I guess I should introduce myself. My name is Cherish and one of my embarrassing guilty pleasures is roleplaying. Just the word, when you say it to normal everyday people who don't do a speck of nerdish like things, sounds repulsive. But its my addiction and I love it, and I am positive no one on this site will judge me biggrin I am also a biology major and have this horrible habit of ruining my friends good time with all of the nerdy useless knowledge that just comes out. I see plants on the side of the road and I'm more than likely to start classifying the damn thing and then give you the scientific name of it. I'ts a curse. I love Saint Bernards, Harvest Moon, Doctor Who and the Walking Dead. I have two naked rats named Amelia (from Dr. Who) and Freya (From BBC's Merlin). It's taking me forever to get through college with two majors and I work a bazillion different jobs and the chaos is normal. I like to think I'm pretty funny but I guess you can be the judge of that. I am always free to chit chat.