Pacifism is the way to live. Reading, writing, and music are my passions. The best friends are psychotic. Cherish them. They won't always be around, and those who are deserve your undying loyalty. Anything is possible in the magic of the night. It is the invisible music of instinct. I am an overly nice idiot, and people tend to take advantage of that. I don't like people when they're racist, predjudice, or homophobic. Laughing is bliss. Life is hard and grim, but a simple laugh is the magic spell to clear the head and heart. Smoking, drinking, and doing drugs are not my thing. The term is ~straight edge~. I don't give a rats bahookie if you do any of those things. As long as you don't try to force or pressure it on me, I don't care what you do.

People have power. They can make another person euphorically happy, or send them to the edge of their lives. I have seen both good and terrible things in people, and will help anyone to the best of my ability. Whether someone needs a shoulder to cry on, advice, or just someone to talk to. I'm here. I like to be serious, but I can most definitely be loud, obnoxious, and slightly ~frightening.~ "Weird" might as well be my middle name. *end babble* Questions? Talk to me! I love making new friends.

"So, good night unto you all. Give me your hands, if we be friends, and Robin shall restore amends.”


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Visions of the Dead

Why, hello! Are you sure you're in the right place?

My name is Noel, nice to meetcha! I'm calling this "Visions of the Dead" because people always call me a vampire, and I rather like the title. I'll probably just write whatever I feel like. Might put in a poem or two, complain about crap that you pro



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Oh no worries. I've had actually a similar situation. Job searching and whatnot. Good luck to you on your endeavors! biggrin

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It's been kinda rough during the school year, not too terrible in the summer, but still pretty stressful. I haven't read Bloodhound yet D: I have it, and I'm really looking forward to reading it soon after my summer reading books.
a panty

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a panty

good i guess what about u?
xAlyss The Pirate

Report | 07/03/2009 4:54 pm

xAlyss The Pirate

Lol I know! I remember before the 5th movie came out, I reread the book and then when I saw the movie I sat there critising everything xD
But the special effects look super awesome for the 6th movie, so I can't wait.

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Ah yes, dear Edgar. Of his, “The house of Usher” and subsequently “fall of the house of Usher” were my favorites. Just the very vivid way he described every last thing, it was just brilliant. You know, you’re right that many great minds would have no shortages of things to disagree about. Still, there would be such an outpouring of knowledge that, one could scarcely dismiss their arguments as being petty. Terrible shame you didn’t get to study more Shakespeare in high school. My peer’s and I had the full spread of all of his works. Hahah and unfortunately my teacher had the nasty habit of making us read aloud and thus, the slaughtering began when it came to the language. I enjoyed reading it to myself because I’m introverted and thus, embarrassed to read in front of a classroom. Still, I did, and I did so as humorously as possible so I wouldn’t be so self conscious. xd

Well good, keep fighting. It’s true, you won’t win against the tide of social and cultural pressures, but you can help win battles with individuals who would otherwise be written off. Who knows, you may be helping the next Jim Croce, or maybe the next Suzan Sarandon. You never know who those people will become but you give them the chances to succeed in their lives they may not otherwise have had. As for the film industry, yes I want to be a director, it’s my major goal. I have thousands upon thousands of other things I want to do in my life time. Travel of course, read as much literature from different countries as I can, be a philanthropist when I’m well established.

Haha well, I guess I’ll have to be an actor too for a while. In that industry you can’t let people know what bugs you, so you really have to seem to be built like the rock of Gibraltar. As for stars, well, I would love to meet them, but for different reasons. I want to know about the era’s they grew up in, what the culture and sociological times were. Weird yeah but, heheh still.

My goals on the future…See above. rofl
Nekrostatic Extacy

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Nekrostatic Extacy

Not really. we're 'still friends', which basically means that it's not gonna happen again. Y_Y
xAlyss The Pirate

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xAlyss The Pirate

Thanks ^^ your avie is pretty cool too.
I'm good. I'm getting excited about Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. Lol
Nekrostatic Extacy

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Nekrostatic Extacy

Honestly? Pretty sad. Just found out my ex broke up with me like last week because she didn't feel anything. Whereas I did..
(I knew we broke up, I just didn't know the real reason)

So... yea =(

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Haha, we all had the ‘woe is me’ bit going on in our lives. I actually think it’s good for creative folk to go through that so when they come out of it they have a well rounded mind and a way to walk into other peoples perspectives so, though the ‘woe is me’ stage is frightfully dull and frustrating, it certainly speaks for itself in a writers results. Ah yes “Sonnet 18” in high school I loved it simply for the fact that a person could exist like Shakespeare, for eternity in the hearts and minds of others and STILL draw others in a long time after death. Even after my death Shakespeare’s works will be circulated and loved. Ah Yeats, I love his work along with Frost, Dickenson and Walt. My favorite of Emily’s is “The moon is distant from the sea” it’s a romantic story albeit sad. Again, I am in agreement, people have no idea how powerful one individual is, just think if those of like minds were to gather? There would be an outpouring of thought like no other.

A truly noble goal indeed, working with at risk youth. Unfortunately in my life, most of my friends were said youth and honestly, I’d say a little less than half came out alive or okay. The ones that did come out okay still have a lot of issues to work through and honestly, I feel for them. I wish life hadn’t been the way it was for all of them so they could have known serenity but that, in this day and age for this generation’s youth, is honestly wishful thinking. Still, those I knew/know who got the right kind of help they needed when they needed it, turned into great people who are well spoken, well educated all because they were turned in the right direction by a very good counselor. Definitely good luck in the Peace Corps, that sounds like a lot of fun as well and you’ll probably get to see many, many places, people and, things of course.

Journalism, honestly I never wanted to be a journalist. I’m rather introverted so, having to go up and talk to people takes a kind of courage I don’t possess. xd I love journalism, I just could never do it. No guts. rofl
III Kid_Religio III

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III Kid_Religio III



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