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a message for all the ignrorant and close-minded people

my version of cher!

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hello stranger!

(looks like i just ******** a pixie)


im too young to make an autobiography but oh well.

Hi my name is Cupcake Mcfugly and let me give you the basics about me:
1.I can be called alot of harsh,inappropiate things that include genatalia which is so cute when your like 5 years old but when your about my age and you dont know me... that s**t gets REALLY old. favorite colors are red,black,turquoise,navy blue and so on...

3.I have about a few best friends in the real world and alot of other awesome friends too! im so conceited favorite animal is anything that resembles the icelandic pop-vocalist Bjork. currently having an..a oh what i rememberd this isnt Twitter.

6.I love cosplaying anime characters because i can feel free in my own clothes but then feel insecure when i see a creepy 30 year old eyeing me from acoss the room like if hes ******** ***** bear or something.

7.I wish someday i can make my own rp,but my friend is always being so worried that i cant make up a storyline which is retarded because i kan rite rely weel in duh langooge rrrts claas...

8.I hate it when people classify themselves too much and people who think theyre better than others when really they are just NOOBS!

9.i used to have screwed-up teeth but now theyre really straight and sparkling white thanks to my dear friend of three years braces
(which i feel bad that for other people.aint that right Jewel).

10.and thats pretty much it person who took the time to read this pointless "About me".

the stairway to seizures

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