I'm a cocky, sarcastic, egotistical person. I often find a lot of people wondering why this is so, and it's simple; I'm an optimistic person in an overwhelmingly pessimistic world, and a good 9 times out of ten I get everything I need with little effort.

Another reason I'm optimistic is my incredible endurance. It takes a lot for me to feel even the tiniest twinges of pain- And I'm talking a LOT. More on that if you ask. I'm pretty sure that's because of my upbringing in the middle of a lot of idiotic fun times mixed with my caffeine problem.

I'm not afraid to admit my faults when I make them. I'm not afraid to apologize when I hurt someone. I'm not prideful enough to hold back how I feel from people. These elements alone give me a huge edge with most of society.

Also, I'm not even remotely ashamed to admit I can be very condescending. Sometimes they deserve it, sometimes I'm just mean. I don't really care how that makes you see me.

Lastly, I'm an open book. I will pretty much tell you anything you want to know after knowing you a grand total of 5 seconds.



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Lies and a Stuffed Rabbit

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Lies and a Stuffed Rabbit

Oh, wow! o A o You were up to a lot of things! And all of those things were pretty neat. xD Certainly more fun and productive than all that sitting around I had to do for a bit. ;;
How's working as a chef, though? Ahahaha, and aww, you're still youthful. xD Work outs are exhausting to work through for anyone, haha. -still incapable of managing a push up on my end honestly-

It's been alright for me, though! Finished highschool three years ago, but I got into an accident in my 12th grade year, so I basically spent a recovery year and worked a little bit at a New York Fries Restaurant. I'm in my second year of college now, though-- so I definitely feel you on being busy. Not the same stuff, but... ;;; I barely have enough time to put my laptop down so that I'm /not/ typing some research paper up or working on looking through documentation. So many bloody assignments. ;;
Lies and a Stuffed Rabbit

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Lies and a Stuffed Rabbit

xD I know~! It's amazing--
and it's been a really long time since I saw you around... ;; Holy snap dfskjfdsh
how's it been?
Lies and a Stuffed Rabbit

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Lies and a Stuffed Rabbit


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NO CAUSE YOUrbhesjg'hfgndhtsgzdc

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LOL at least you're here, right!?

And cookies and Guinness. You two really know how to treat a person kindly~

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You poop


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