If you wish to add me, here are my contacts:
horse_luvr18@hotmail.com (made when i was a kid. lol)

Only add me if you want to talk. If you use those to harass me then you will be reported. And my contacts will be taken down.

The name's Amy. Nothing more, nothing less. I'm simply Amy. It's easy to remember and you have no excuse to forget. And if you do, EPIC FAIL! xd Just playin. But yeah I'm just me, the clown that bites.

And yeah, I am a Juggalette for life. And if you don't like it, then it's really too bad for you. A lot of people misunderstand the true meaning of Juggalos everywhere, and if you do, then that's not my problem.

But we are not a cult. We are not a religion. We are not going beat you up or chop you up with a hatchet for not agreeing with us. It's not about violence. It's not about painting your face.

Do some research. It's about being true to yourself. It's about having eachother's backs, being there for eachother. We all have the same beliefs about what's right and wrong in the world. We are against violence, against racism, against hypocrisy and discrimination. We don't care what you think. If you wanna judge us based on what you THINK you know about juggalos/juggalettes, then that's your fault, not ours.

So you complain, "Oh how can they claim to follow God with all these violent lyrics and foul language and blah blah" No, you don't know that. You can't know what they do and don't believe in just because of what you hear. The only reason they do that is to try and get their point across. There is a much deeper meaning behind all the violent lyrics, and so-called foul language. If you listen closely, you'll understand better. Instead of whining about all the s**t you don't approve of, listen cloesly and you'll find things you DO approve of and DO agree with. Open up your minds. We are not a clown cult that worships 2 people that rap about chopping up people with axes. There's more to it than that. I'm am a Juggalette. And I'm down for life.

"And they asked me, would I trade 10 Juggalos for 100 mainstream fans, and I said I wouldn't trade 10 Juggalos for 100,000 mainstream fans, 10 Juggalos is priceless!" Violent J

But anyways, I'm pretty mysterious. Sometimes I can't even figure myself out. I consider myself a genuine person.

I'm pretty much a cool person to be around. I'm not a fake that tries to please people by kissing their a** and taking orders.

I'm pretty introverted, yet at the same time I'm outspoken, which sometimes pisses people off. But that doesn't stop me from saying what's on my mind. And if you don't like it, thst's just too damn bad. So don't tell me to "keep my thoughts to myself" or "think before I speak". Because that's basically telling me to be dishonest, and I don't buy that.

I can be really weird and random. Those that know me well know my crazy side. And if that's too much for you then stay the ******** away from me, because I will never stop being me. Get over it.

I can be pissy or I can be calm. Your attitude can play a big role in which one. I'm always willing to listen to my friends and give advice when I can, but I'm not a miracle worker. I don't always have advice for every single thing. But I'm still there for them even when I don't know what to say.

When it comes to keeping secrets I'm trustworthy.

I'm reserved yet open up to people I can connect with.

I'm cool with you if you're cool with me. If you're gonna be an a**, expect the same treatment. I am a nice person, but I'll be damned if I take any of your crap.

I will not change for anyone. Period.

If you wanna know anything else feel free to ask. Till then...
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-Linkin Park Rocking-

Report | 04/16/2012 5:22 am

-Linkin Park Rocking-

i look down on you....

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cool avi

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THOSE WHO ARE CONTACTING ME HERE: Don't bother. This account has been banned. Contact me on THIS account. Amysaur.
Hanako Oku

Report | 10/10/2009 9:01 pm

Hanako Oku

hey are you horse lover? whats up =)

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Hello old me xd

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Your avi and profile are really cool smile

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nice layout luv icp send my sis azrot a friend request yall got alot in common

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ok ok i admit it im a sadistic care bear lover. User Image
Ill Literate

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Ill Literate



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