Hi. I'm Brian.

I'm german, which sucks for me. But you can't choose where and as what you're born, right?
I'm 21 years old. I'm a pain in the a** and an extroverted, outgoing person who loves to party hard.
My life is this huge paradox,- The more obnoxious I got, the more everybody started liking me.
I have a variety of interests that I am very passionate about,
including (lovecraftian) horror, p&p rpgs, comic books, literature, arts,
movies, cartoons and videogames.
My taste in music is all over the place, I listen to
grindcore, noise, alternative, electro, it just needs to somehow seem creative and appeal to me.

I wear my sunglasses at night.
I'm a vegan, but I'm definitely not straight-edge.
Actually I'm politically active and an egalitarian
anarcho-communist. That doesn't mean that I can't hate you, though. I probably do.
See, I hate a lot of stuff, but that's totally okay.
My big ego is all just show, but it's a fun show.
I'm smarter than you think I was.

concerts I just really need to show off now

Radiohead (and Modeselektor), Berlin, 7/8/2008
(dewanto &) Yip-Yip & An Albatross, Münster, Fall 2008
Fr. Linientreu & 100 Blumen & KiEw, Wilhelmshaven, Winter 2008
Das Bierbeben & T.Raumschmiere, Hannover, Spring 2009
ANTITAINMENT, Münster, 8/29/2009
Die goldenen Zitronen, Bremen, Fall 2009
GtuK & ampl:tude & Ender_Error & kln_hppchn HDD &
terrorrythmus, Bremen, 3/19/2010
MELT! festival, 15-19th of July 2010 (Midlake,
Archie Bronson Outfit, HEALTH, pttrns, Chris Cunningham,
DJ Shadow, Moderat, Kings of Convenience,
Slagsmålsklubben, Goldfrapp, Massive Attack, Egotronic,
Berlin Festival, 10-11th of September 2010 (Spleen United!,
Amiina, LCD Soundsystem, Robyn, Bon Homme, Fever Ray,
Atari Teenage Riot, Boemklatsch, Gang of Four, Soulwax,
Boys Noize, Hotchip)
melt-banana, 10/29/2010, Wilhelmshaven
Xiu Xiu, Zola Jesus, Former Ghosts - Hamburg, 11/4/2010

melt!, Berlinfestival and Wonderland 2011
Perhaps Donaufestival and Hurricane.