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My Life and How It Goes...

Hi! This is my journal, and I'm basically your average typical girl at school. So have a good day!

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cu3iegurl Report | 07/15/2007 12:34 pm
Hey, thx for messaging. Y'all get deets, bye!
Obviously Josh Report | 05/19/2007 10:47 am
Hii Karen!

My name is also Karen.. JK (just kidding) It's Krux!
Katoli Report | 05/19/2007 10:46 am
Hii Karen!

My name is also Karen.. JK (just kidding) It's Katori!
Kyle The Dragon Slayer Report | 03/26/2007 8:49 pm
add me! please! also add mystical__darkness
Kyle The Dragon Slayer Report | 03/26/2007 8:48 pm
hey karen its dj. and thats not danielle she said hers got hacked so just wanted to let u know. bye
cu3iegurl Report | 03/17/2007 9:43 pm
If Julie ever reads this, hey. Just thought if you wanna talk on my profile for once, that's cool. I mean, no offense, but it has a little more room to type, and hardly anybody ever types here before. I just don't know how to make friends here. It's so hard. Just saying, bye Julie, see ya at school. wink
StrawberryJello Report | 03/02/2007 6:49 pm
cu3iegurl Report | 01/21/2007 12:13 pm
Hey Amber, when I tried the sight that you told me, it didn't work. It said "Error:Not found"

Guess it doesn't work, thanks anyways, see you later! smile
xVixienx Report | 01/05/2007 12:48 pm
xVixienx Report | 01/05/2007 12:12 pm
go to this site....plz.....

Hey guys, my name's Karen!!! I know, it's a very common name, like I know six Karen's around where I live, it's kinda freaky... C y'all l8rz!