About Me

hey ppl! im sam. i live in the usa. i am 13. i am tall. i am single. i am irish, german, nd chinese. i get bored very easily. i will tell u the truth, no matter how brutal. i dont lie as much as i used too. i sing in my church choir. i am not the most popular person and i cudnt be happier. i am spoiled. i am bitchy at times (onli when im pissed though). i am loud and crazy. i like to smile big. i am conceited at times. i am mean if u annoy me. i do care about most stuff. i dont care what you think about me. i get great grades. i am a proud nerd, evn if i don't look like one. i luv to talk. i dont bite. i will reply to all my messages and comments, promise! i have an AIM. i have a myspace. i have a facebook. i hang out a lot. i like to chillax with friends. i say "sure sure" and "cool beans" a lot. i luv to take pictures. i am a big procrastinator [i put things off]. i have learned to live life to its fullest and never let anyone in my way. i believe in God. i am Catholic [dont like it? well i dont care!]. i go to the worst skool on the planet! i do NOT have a good relationship with my parents. i cud not live w/o my friends nd family nd music. my family has always been there for me evn though im not always there for them, they have my back when i dont always have theres, they love me evn when i make it hard, they trust me evn though i dont always trust them, they take care of me when im sick evn though i dont always care for them, they help me whenevr i need it evn though i dont always return the favor. i cudnt ask for a better family! my friends are awesome, they stick up for me evn when i dont stick up for them, they help me when im down evn though i dont always return the favor, they hang out with me when im bored evn though i dont always save them from boredum. they are the best friends i cud ask for! music is a big part of my life. i listen to it when im bored, sad, happy, nervous, and mad. i listen to pretty much all music except classical and jazz. i am a nature person. nature is one of the most beautiful parts of the world! i draw whenever i have time. i play soccer and tennis. i swim and bike. i plan to play volleyball and i might try cross country. i luv to work out [even if it is weird]. if u read this than i wud luv it if u messaged me! =] i promise i will reply!

likes: too much to list it all =]

dislikes: lots of stuff, but not as much as i like =]