"I'll be here..."

"... Why?"

"I'll be waiting... Here..."

"For what?"

"I'll be waiting.... For you... So... If you come here... You'll find me.
I promise."

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(... even if you end up the worlds enemy. I'll... I'll be your knight.)

Squalls Scan
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Name: Squall Leonhart

Age: 17 (FF) , 25 (KH)

Date of Birth: August 23rd

Gender: Male

Height: 5'10"

Blood Type: AB

Home: Balamb Garden, Balamb

Weapon: Gunblade

Occupation: SeeD

Student I.D. No.: 41269

Personality: Cold, brooding, and withdrawn, he refuses to let anyone into his life. He doesn't shrink away from what he considers duty and despite how much he resents the leadership role, he is the first to ensure what needs to get done gets done. His responsibility and clear mind lead others to trust and follow him and, even though he doesn't much care for it, he has become quite popular at the Garden. He can be difficult at times but he was born a leader and courageous to no end.

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Bio: Squall grew up in an orphanage, along with some other people who go to the Garden. They were looked after by Edea. Though he remembers little of this past, it causes him to develop into an emotionally detached, highly cynical and introverted boy; his original goal is to go through life without any emotional links or dependencies. It is later revealed that his deliberate detachment from his companions is a defensive mechanism to protect himself from emotional pain, like he experienced when his older sister figure at the orphanage, one of the sole emotional supports in his early life, was forcibly separated from him.

Squall is known as a "lone wolf" by his peers because he never shows his feelings and even comes off as cold to his allies. His superiors, such as his teacher, Quistis Trepe, consider him difficult to deal with but greatly respect his natural talents. He is also known to be stoic in many situations. When he first meets Rinoa, she coerces him into dancing with her at the SeeD graduation ball. He awkwardly bumps into other party-goers while staring constantly at his feet with a look of confusion. Rinoa, however, perseveres in partnering him, and Squall eventually reveals that he's quite capable of dancing, as it is a mandatory aspect of his training.

Squall is unwillingly dragged into the role of the hero when Cid, headmaster of Balamb Garden, appoints him as leader of the academy. He is often thrown into a leadership role though he doesn't want the job of being leader, as is evident in the Timber and Galbadia missions. During a late battle against Galbadia Garden, Squall demonstrates some leadership difficulties, which are tied to his lingering isolationism. Likewise, other characters make efforts to pull him out of his isolation and Rinoa expends a lot of energy to pursue a relationship with him. It takes considerable time for him to accept the others' offered friendship. As time progresses, he grows more comfortable with the leadership role, especially when it comes time to defeat Ultimecia.

He has a distinct rivalry with Seifer Almasy. Seifer is the source of the scar he has across his face, and it's Squall who is responsible for giving Seifer a mirrored scar across his. When Squall and Seifer are supposed to be cooperating they are usually squabbling with each other. When Seifer joins with the Sorceress, Squall must fight him several times. Though through all of this it can't be helped that Squall feels an underlying camaraderie for Seifer and mourns him in his own way when he believes him to have been executed after kidnapping President Vinzer Deling.

Upon defeating Ultimecia, as his comrades are pulled back from time compression into their own respective places in the timeline, Squall takes a detour back to the orphanage, where he encounters a younger Edea. Since she does not want to involve any of the children, Edea absorbs the dying Ultimecia's powers as part of the cycle of sorceresses (a sorceress must pass on her powers to a successor before she is allowed to die peacefully). Squall plants the ideas for Garden and SeeD in her mind, creating an origin paradox in which he must become the leader of Balamb Garden so that he can make it to that point again.


Many years have past since that. I've been through much. The calling to Dissida where I fought and died so many times in the name of a Goddess. The destruction of my world by the Heartless and the assistance I leant to a kid called Sora.

And now, I start my life anew....

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~Squall's Closest Friends~

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Loki Agent of Asgard
"Loki, god of Mischief. My love. My husband/wife. The person who has brought joy to my life. A reason to live..."

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Radiant Nobody
A very old friend, a Nobody from Radiant Garden. Been with me through quite a lot.

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Desutinizu no kodomo
Or Des, my Little Light. Keeper of a fragment of my soul and dear friend in my darkest from times.


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Journal of a SeeD

The enteries of a SeeD from Balamb Garden.



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[i:5c24e9df1a]"If I'm talking to you in [b:5c24e9df1a]GREY[/b:5c24e9df1a], I'm speaking as myself."[/color:5c24e9df1a]
"If I'm talking to you in [b:5c24e9df1a]DARK RED[/b:5c24e9df1a], I'm speaking as Squall Leonhart."[/color:5c24e9df1a][/size:5c24e9df1a][/align:5c24e9df1a][/i:5c24e9df1a]