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I love art of all kinds, but I specialize in digital works! Check out my deviantart at


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Sawacchi Report | 08/31/2017 9:32 pm
Thank you for your purchase, enjoy! heart
cheerriii Report | 08/24/2017 10:36 am
I was wondering if there is anyway I could buy art from you? :3
XxLaDexX Report | 08/09/2017 11:50 am
ty for shopping my store biggrin awesome page u have heart
Rainbow Pastries Report | 07/30/2017 6:53 pm
Rainbow Pastries
lmao exactly. I just saved up 20b and bought something I saw for a good price for 16b.
My friend tells me I need to stop buying, but thats like legit impossible! rofl
Rainbow Pastries Report | 07/30/2017 5:20 pm
Rainbow Pastries
I take it back. I have like 2 of those items but in the wrong colors lol
I'm gonna work on this ! rofl
Rainbow Pastries Report | 07/30/2017 5:17 pm
Rainbow Pastries
ah, no wonder. I should prob order soon tho. I was looking at your wish list and was seeing
if I had anything but sadly its a no go other than one item but its not enough just yet lol.
I gotta work on playing Lake kindred asap! whee
Rainbow Pastries Report | 07/30/2017 4:00 pm
Rainbow Pastries
any time! When I get more gold I so wanna order from you again!
I wasn't sure if you were ever gonna come back honestly D;
Rainbow Pastries Report | 07/30/2017 2:00 pm
Rainbow Pastries
Just wanted to say that it's great to see you back on gaia!
You have been missed! redface heart
HalloweenQueen95 Report | 07/28/2017 11:02 am
Thank you for your purchase biggrin
The Dragon Maiden Report | 07/19/2017 7:54 am
The Dragon Maiden
Thanks for shopping at my store.


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