Hey there, thee name es crystal<3
Well, im a pretty boring person but i love talking to people and im really outgoing,I also have this wierd obsession with really cute emo guys hahah.
Please dont judge me, if you have a problem with who i am, i dont care. Im not the judging kind of person. I dont judge people because you shouldnt get happiness out of somone elses pain or embarrassments,maybe you should feel bad for them. well i will add anyone so lets talk!
please comment me


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Crystal's Journal

By Christina (Crystal) Marie<3

My namee is christina but peoplee call me crystal(: um i think im really just gonna write about my family and friends and really my pets and all that. Somee of yall probably dont caree but this is very important teew meh(:


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Hey, i was just wondering something... are you new here on gaia?? i was just wondering... smile


i ♥ chandler. hes mine back off(: