hello everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

if you wanna see a picture of me go on www.myspace.com/xxxsarahbutcherxxx
p.s im younger then it says

I'm a member of:
Evanecence obessed
Fairy Poll Land
The Rebellion Initiative
The Lost World
Komitet Gosudarstvennoi Bezopasnosti (KGB)
and the G.P.A

One thing u should know about me is that i LOVE MUSIC!
So if there are any bands you would recomend tell me.
Simpleplan, B.F.M.V, My chemical Romance, greenday, hawthorne heights, blink 182, fall out boy and panic at the disco, underoath (yes i know they're christian), rammstein, good charlotte and alexisonfire, funeral for a friend, ROCK!!!!!!!!

i'm always singing to my self. My friends think i'm crazy, which i am so if i ever say anything wierd to any of you then egnor me.

I think Emos are realy sexy!!!! even if 'emo' is a stereotype.
guys with lip piercings are hot heart

And if u aint go nothing nice to say to me then dont say it, its a waste of your time and mine!

The scars i have are lets see:

my left side to he middle of my back from my kidney being taken out when i was 3

my left little finger from it being traped in a door and bleeding like hell when i was 7

under my lip slighty on the right from walking into something somehow from #### knows ago

a few ontop of my wrist from... not explaining

one on my shoulder where my mate bit me lol

and scars all over my knees and elbows form falling over

xxx sabaku no gaara 001 is my new boyfriend xxx (he was dying for me to put it in my profile lol) heart
xxx One of my best mates in real life is Mr Sherbet bless him xxx
xxx Rob Scrivener is my other bro xxx


xxx Shinigami of Fire xxx
xxx vampere the bloody rose, omg twice xd xxx
xxx greenseductress xxx
xxx jmc1994 xxx

love y'all


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smile mhm sure! biggrin awesome profile btw!
Dark Sea Captain

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Dark Sea Captain

yea i do. Send me a pm so we can talk on there lol
Dark Sea Captain

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Dark Sea Captain

lol yea ts me. Wow how have you been?
Dark Sea Captain

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Dark Sea Captain

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Momoko Miro

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Momoko Miro

thanks for buying. User Image

*avi posted*

-chums_o7 store-

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i has a myspace


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hey what's up?
x_S t a r S c r e a m

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x_S t a r S c r e a m


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you glomped me!!! of all things!!! *Armageddon happens*


46~AXEL~46 thanks so much for selling me the spirit falcon!!!!

wanting a whip of fire twisted
love me, donate heart