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the name is alexander,you may call me alex.
i write poetry,songs
i used to be in a band,quit and now i do acoustic gigs by myself and i love it <3
i am bi,dont like it then ******** you dont talk to me!
music is my life,i HATE rap and country!!!!
if your my friend,i will stand up for you,and do anything in my power to help you when you need it
i play,gutair(acoutic and eletric) piano,and violen (somewhat XD)
my friends are my life if you hurt them i will kill you,and you think im kiding but im dead serious
i do not eat meat,its ewww : P
i will talk to about anyone so pm me and show some love <3

meh music

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JustMeMonika on 06/16/2021

me and mist :D she is the most amazing friend you could ask for she sweet,smart,funny and shes always there when i need her i love you thanks for being my friend :)