hello there :] I'm Silvia Kiona Yem Estelle, if you know what i mean

I love to dance. I dance ballet - i am on pointe and also love contemporary/modern dancing. I used to do jazz but that has kinda faded out but i do have a lyrical group dance.
Dance is ME!
And yesss, there have been times where i wanted to quit
I really really really really wanted to
And when you even think about that, it stops you from doing your best.
So I made up my mind.

When I get out of high school, I am going to try to become a professional dancer and pursue my dance career. Then, after dancing for a while ( I'm not sure how many years; I'm thinkin 4 - 8 years?) But wait! There's more!! After that, I am going to go to college and become a Landscape Architect. I guess you could say that runs in my blood. I am thirteenth generation, from the Olmstead family. In the eigth generation, Fredrick Law Olmstead was a great Landscape Architect. Before he was even that, he designed Central Park in New York City. !!!!!!! I'm jealous. When i have my own house, I want a small stream (or large, maybe like Monet's) and at least one weeping willow tree. I WANT IT TO BE BIG!! BIG BACKYARD!!!!!!! ahahahahaaaa.
{EDIT!!} I also want a big house to go with my big backyard & i want a HUGE Skylight so i can watch the stars and the clouds go by. I also would like it to be clean, simple, bright, and fun. Lots of abstract shapes. And i will design it!

ALSO i am now in highschool and next year i would like to take Environmental design class, but if i do not get in that class i will take Photography. EEEP im excited!


My friends..... ah, I simply cannot find a word to describe them.
(More editing!)
Mallory Blake
I dance with Mallory. She has 3 cats and 2 tortoises
We like to play volleyball and make up nicknames for people who annoy us :]
She is shy but her unique personality shines through when you get to know her
Jane Lu
I also dance with Jane. Jane is a really good artist too! AND A SUPER GOOD DANCER! She is so articulate and focused. I'm SO jealous! haha Jane is kewlll
All the time!

WOOHOOO! This girl is pretty awesome, i must confess. I kind of felt bad for changing my username cuz then she seemed sad about it. But i know she will understand (right/?!!! O.o) And so yeah we have already planned to hang out around June 12 2012. So yeah don't bother seeing if i want to go to a new movie thats coming out cuz Magic_lily and i will be hanging out! And laughing at our little dumb freshmen selves. hahaha
can't wait!

Jenn Lightbody
now this girl is strong too.
cuz she has muscle. She's a swimmer
And we like to stalk sevies. :]] <--- used to. biggrin

I love my petssss

you guys are awesome

and my family!

3/28/07 I love you Nibbles and I will always remember you

7/13/05 Rex. You were the mystery of my eyes. Love always

6/7/05 Polly, you had a good long life. Fly through the clouds forever <333


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haha, thanks. xD I made it in like, fifteen seconds, and I'm probably gonna go change it around a bit right now haha

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hey there.......

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la la la bored~

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green :]

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eh, just make one lol, with my skin and hair and eyes? ^.^
lol thank you Skye biggrin

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lol xD
I suck at tektek now though, I haven't been on Gaia much lately so I don't know like any of the new items... crying
...wanna tektek me next time you're bored? XD

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OMG AWESOME!! *goes off to look at it lol* 10k, niceee :]

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Haha and I love your new profile about me by the way xD
June 12 2012! Ohhh yeah! xD

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LOL awesome! xD that's cool. I wish my English teacher was cool like that. T__T she's lameee.

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Awesome! :D What's the project? How are you doing like, landscape stuff for English?! xD


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