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Hello there welcome to my profile,
My name is Kurayami Neroyama. I am 19 and currently attending college. I do love to draw so avi art isn't to much of a bother to me, so feel free to ask.

Head shots: 5k
Colored head shots:7k
full body line work: 12k
Full body and colored: 20k
Group full body and colored: 10k from every person you want in the picture.
signs: 15k

That's pretty much it on that. I also love to rp. I don't think of myself as a elite, god knows I'm far from it. I roleplay as a lot of characters of my own creation rather than ones of animes or mangas. I don't much fancy those who do for it gets me confused quite a bit.

So if interested in my Rpcs I will post them in my journal later on down the line. Don't be afraid to send me a pm or comment my profile for laughs. It's all good to me.



kurayami Neroyama : 19 : lonely/Bartender/Exotic dancer

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