Name: Crymos

Abilities: Crymos is physically the strongest of the trio that he often travels with. Crymos has an insignia branded upon him by the Magic Crafter Almus, which appears as a dull blue [ ϰ ] shape (and glows slightly with an icy blue light when magic is used), is about the size of a large coin and is hidden beneath his clothing just under his left collarbone. Through this insignia, Crymos is able to conduct magic by junctioning special, magic-infused orbs to himself called Gemma. These Gemma are also crafted by Almus, usually out of minerals that are found in cavernous expeditions. The parameters of his insignia, Crymos is able to equip six Gemma, each with a maximum magical output of four megatons, the actual yield depending on Crymos's efficiency with the Gemma equipped. The total efficiency possible through Crymos's insignia is 360%; each Gemma is utilized to a certain percentage to suit Crymos's strengths. All of Crymos's Gemma are mastered.
Gemma equipped:
- Magic Gemma:
Glacies - Enables the use of ice magic: (100% Efficiency) Hiemans - deals ice damage; Hiemantior - deals moderate ice damage; Hiemantissimus - deals high ice damage.
Effectus Iunctus - Allows junctioned Gemma's elemental magic to link to user's physical attacks: (90% Efficiency)
- Junctioned Gemma: Ignis - Adds fire element to attack (30% Efficiency), Aster - Adds meteor element to attack (30% Efficiency)
- Support Gemma:
Refectio - Enables the use of curative magic: (40% Efficiency) Remediabilis - restores a little health; Remediabilior - restores a moderate amount of health.
Celeritas - Enables the user to move faster: (70% Efficiency) Celerrimus - Raises speed greatly (permanent as long as this Gemma is equipped).
- Gemma attached to belt:
Aqua - Adds water element to attack (30% Efficiency) [Junction Gemma]
Fulmen - Adds lightning element to attack (30% Efficiency) [Junction Gemma]
Coelum - Enables the use of space magic: (40% Efficiency) Gravis - deals gravity damage; Gravior - deals moderate gravity damage; Gravissimus - deals high gravity damage [Magic Gemma]

Ground attacks
- O: Beat Rush
^ O: Waterkick > ☐: Somersault
v O: Hiemantissimus
- ☐: Meteodrive
^ ☐: Burning Arrow
v ☐: Rolling Blaze (ground)
Air attacks
- O: Dolpin Blow
^ O: Moonsault Kick
v O: Falcon's Dive
- ☐: Meteor Crusher
^ ☐: Rolling Blaze (midair)
v ☐: --


Samayomo no thoughts! =D



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Sinister Kinkz

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Sinister Kinkz

Wwwwwhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrreeeeeeee have u beeen

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S'all good!

I'm working on making a plot for that roleplay that we all started way back when. 3nodding

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It's alright. I hope your birthday was good.

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Happy birthday Sammich heart

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Happy birthday. :3

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I'm not shocked that it's Greek. He taught me how to read Greek. I wanna write out Tom Hiddleston's name with Greek letters and then put it somewhere. biggrin Is that weird? I just love him in The Avengers. He's just precious. biggrin
And no, I don't have a crush on him. I only like girls.

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Hiya! It's nice to meet cha! >.< I'm not sure what to say... I'm so bad at introductions, but I figured that since we'll be roleplaying together, we should get to know each other - it makes me kinda sad when there's this roleplaying troop that's fabulous, but doesn't talk at all.
I'm Morgan/Clara/Ivan/Claire. I have a lot of different names. razz
My real name is Morgan, Clara is my Latin name, Ivan is a character I'm nicknamed for acting like, and Claire is my French name. But you can call me whatever you like because I don't really care.
Umm... I wanna learn moar languages...? That's all I can say for myself.

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Hello. 3nodding

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Hi Sammy