thinking bout you

i think bou tu all the time
ur alwayson my mind
wuld i die if u didnt love me
is ur love enough to survive
wuld u be there for me no matter wut
wuld u break my heart
wuld u judje me by my image
wuld u only care wuts on the inside
how will i ever know
all i know is that i love you
and i never wanna let you go

crying hoplessness12

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love hurts but sometimes we can flirt on saturday nights we share our gruesome fights i cry every night wishing you were here do you think this too all u think about is shoes do u love me you dont i see i care about u...u see this you do all i wanna say is that i love you and i want u to love ne so ill jus sut here and cry my eyes out OHH!!! i miss u i kno u do u say u taunt me every day u make me feel like i could die gosh! ur so mean how could this be u used to be nice u make me feel so wise u gave me good advice but now u give me ice wut happened to u why are u like my sister sue, is it because u did her to u always looked at her like she was ur boo so now i want to say this ******** you!



Hey I'm 13. My name is Catherine, but i perfer Katie. I dont really get along with normal people. I'm emo. I love depression. I hate hip hop, rap, and all that kind of music. I love screamo and emo/punky music. I think about suicide all the time. Some people hate me because I'm emo but i dont care they dont know me. I cry alot. I have 4 best friends they are always there for me. I'm really a good friend if you get to know me. I hate it when people start stuff with me for no reason. I love to write love poems. I love eye liner. I have a aim, if u wanna talk to me then jus like ask for my aim. hmmm..well i guess thats all there really is to know about me!



Haterz Make Me Famouseee!?!?!?!

T e t r a 8D

these two chickks are my best best friends in reel life and i love them to death. if u wanna mess with them then u garentee ur gonna hav to mess with me first!!

i'm going to bed into sleep and hoplefully hav beautiful dreams i'll wake you in the morning you there, to kiss your lips and ruffle your hair you;ll kiss me so sweetly until i fall deeply the touch of your lips to mine brought chills down my spine as i lay in bed i see ur face i see ur grace i feel no pain why did i let u go my love for u seems to grow my heart is locked so that it may not break in two you give me this ring and it gives me wings and with these wings i shall sing ill read u a poem of love my poen will reach the stars above ABC 123 love starts with you and me.

Depression is the new Happiness