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Hi peeps this is Crowned Tatsumi. I first started Gaia about 3 years ago.Anyways the reason I started gaia was because my big bro in rl (his gaian name, Siran Amaya) showed it to me and since I've loved it biggrin You can obviously see I like Kingdom Hearts, so here is a little info for you.

Fav KH character: This is a tough one, but over all I think my favorite character would have to be Roxas. This is because he had such a tough go at life and he never got to even be his own person. Second to him would be Ventus then Sora and so on.

Fav KH game: My fav KH game is Kingdom Hearts 2. I really connected to that game the most. I don't know why I just did lol. Second would be KH Birth by Sleep then Dream Drop Distance and so on lol. I can't wait for KH3 but, when it does come out I might have to update this XD

Other amazing games: Final Fantasy, The World Ends With you

Fav animes: Naruto, Inuyasha, Shiki, Chibi Vampire, Spice and Wolf, DBZ

Fav cartoon: Adventure Time

Fav song artists: Eminem, Imagine Dragons, VOCALOIDS ♥

Well that's pretty much all I got to say...If you have any other questions just PM me and I'll write back! gaia_kittenstar



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