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Hi if ur reading this it probbly means u would like to know a little more about me. In which case Yaaaaaay! So I'll do my best to keep it short & simple! (with the exception of the overview)

Things I Love: *Huggs*, Animals (Duh), Making friends, My family, My friends, My pets, My me time, music, The use of ... in txt, Funny youtube videos, and Just Being Me

Things I hate: When people fight to try to pruve whos right and whos r wrong y cant we just respect each others? Really? People who r mean 2 other people for no reason, annyone who dosent like or respect animals, the thing i hate moste is hurting peaople fealings

My Peasonality: An X-treem Jokester, Creative, Artistic, Intelegent, Kind hearted, Vary out going(alot of this is stuff my friends told me),Musition, Not Afrade to be Who I am Even if it Makes Me Seem weard or crazy, I feal that everyone shuld do the same. Im currently single, i think i have commitment issues eh. Hippi by day Ninja by Night!!! Wazaaaaaa!

My "Look": My Hair is really really really Curly and wavy dirty blond and looooong, my eyes r green and really pritty.(@ least thats wat people tell me) My skin tone is neather pale or tan its in the middle. I wear a lot of really bright fun colors, loads of peace signs, tie die, shorts (anny kind but short shorts), i just love expressing my selfe througth my cloths, that & being comfortable.

Pets: I have 2 miniature Schnauzers both boys, one black and one wite both Cuite. A shuger glider (if u dont know wat they r google it) named Zippy, & one horse hes a grey horse by blood but hes mostly white, x-cept 4 his dark brownish/grey main & tail.

OVERVIEW: *this part is a work in progress*

If would like to know anny thing else about me Please leave me a coment or I like to get P.M.'s thax 4 reading. =)
And rember my Motto (or one of them) "Alyays Love b4 u Hate" <3


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followthemoose Report | 07/07/2010 7:46 am
Hey! biggrin I saw in your store description that you were looking to trade for items off of your wishlist. I have an extra Angel Imp plushie, and I'm looking for Christmas and Halloween items; what all do you have?
mojimo Report | 05/27/2010 4:30 pm
hay my best buddy loven life as always and i love the avatar u made its off the chain
mojimo Report | 05/27/2010 4:30 pm
hay my best buddy loven life as always and i love the avatar u made its off the chain
Ria Fox Report | 06/27/2009 11:13 am
Ria Fox
thanks for buying
AnimeDimpling Report | 05/21/2008 4:13 pm
thanx 4 buying
Tokyo gal Report | 11/17/2007 4:07 pm
Tokyo gal

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