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The True Story Behind Cris Tucker

I can only remember back to when I was about Five years old. My family didn't have the most money, but me and my brother grew up well. I remember just bein a normal kid, playing, messing around, you know, usual kid stuff. The hardest thing I had to go through as a kid was my parents constantly fighting. I still remember going to court when they got divorced. It didn't really hurt me, as long as I could see them both. My mother had trouble on her own, so she still had to live with my dad for a while.
When I was 6 or 7 years old, my dad was grilling out front. We had bought a Dolmation. It always seemed agressive and was kept on a chain. Everyone was on the front porch and dad had finished grilling hambergers. I grabbed mine and went outback where the dog was. I went and ate right in front of the dog. Next thing I knew it was knocking me down and trashing at my back. Small screams filled the air as I was helpless to get up. The dog had a good grip on my neck. To the greatest luck, an old man from the neigborhood was passing by in the alleyway next to my house. He ran up, Jumped clean over my fence and punched that dog right off of me.
The old man brought me out front and my mom rushed me to the hospitol. I don't remember much afterwards. I only remember a small bit of doctors working on me and spending days in casts. They said if the neck wounds were any deeper, it would have been fatal. If that old man was not passing by at that exact moment, I'd probably be dead and noone would care about one dead kid right now. That I am greatful for.
In first grade, I made 3 friends I have not and probably will not forget. Those 3 people are Caiylyn Lay, Avery Simpson, And Mathew (didn't stay long enough for me to get his last name down). Me and Avery would hang out with Matt all the time in the first grade. Then Matt moved away and then I met Caitlyn. We would be together until the forth grade.
I was.........different. I was born slightly autistic, so it set me off from other kids. I was always a little distant from others. I didn't have many friends because I was so shy and had problems socializing. I did have an obsession with cats. I still do, just I like seeing cat ears on weomen.....don't judge me. I'll look at whatever anime I want!!! Anyways as the years went on, I ended up being class clown though elementery. I didn't have the best grades, but I always found a way to pass.
One interesting fact of my childhood is I had a tendancy of getting my a** kicked. For some reason and I still don't know why, I always had to pick a fight with older kids. I'd piss off all these kids at parks and they'd end up beating the s**t out of me. I somehow took it pretty well. I remember one time I was smileing the whole way through. God, I did some of the stupidest things as a kid.
When I was about 10 or 11, when I was in the third grade, my mom moved us out to Southern Shelbyville, A few miles or so from where we lived. I had to go to Southwestern Elementery. And being the new kid always sucks. But I made progress and made some good friends. I was very social there and had alot of fun hanging out with these people. It was so beautiful out there, too. We lived in a nice big house with other family friends. Me and my brother would constantly roam around the propery, following a small creek, going through barnes, hanging out in the chicken coop, climbing out on the roof at night. I loved it out there. It was probably some of the happiest moments of my life.
A year later, the woman we lived with ran from her boyfriend and moved out of the house. Then, about a month later, he moved out!!! We couldn't afford to stay there, so we had to move back to Shelbyville. It was one of the hardest things to do. But I would get the chance to see my old friends. So I had to go back to school for my last day there. I gave my partings to everyone and took off to move back to town.
When I came back, things had changed. Avery moved to a different school district. And Caitlyn resented me. She thought I had been friends with Jake Mills, Someone alot of people were not the biggest fans of. I had to spend a long time reconciling things with her. And I was dumb!!!! I had not learned enough at Southwestern. It was hard for me to do the simplest math equasions. And I had to have special treatment the whole year. I have a short temper. I remember my first day back, I flipped out and was sent to the office. Instead of the office I was sent to someone else.
There was a nice teacher who helped me out when I was mad or when I needed help. If I was just sent to the office, I'd just have a stern talking from the principle and have some kinda punishment. I spent night's having my mom show me these long multiplacation problems. I had to learn for middle school.....
Then Middle School came. That's when things changed. There were all these classes, we were in a huge building, and I had to shuffle between classes and my locker. And I was hanging out with some old friends I met at elementery. He introduced me to some of his friends and we had some great times together. That led up to the day I met Rich.
Second semester began and I was catching up with other students. I also started realizing that I'm a good writer. In my english class, we had some new students. One was a kid a paid close attention to. He was about medium height, had his hair shaved, wore a skinny grey hoody, and never, ever talked. I remember hearing him once and he had a thick, deep voice. I even had the exact though in my head, "I'm never gonna be friends with that kid."
One day, I was eating lunch with my friends. A teacher came up to our table with a student behind her. It was the kid from class. The teacher said that there were kids upsetting him at their table and if he could sit at our table. We all said sure and he sat in the only empty seat next to me. We all noticed that he had been crying. So we all spent our lunch eating and cheering him up. His name was Rich Foxx. I continued talking to him, got to know him, and we quickly became friends.
I spent the rest of the semester getting to know people and trying to get my grades up. I was having a great time there. I was still a pretty happy kid. I didn't really have any problems and I was meeting new people. Then the year came to an end and It was time for summer until a couple of months later..........When 7th grade started.
7th grade was not much different. The classes changed and all, but that was it. I also started realizing I loved Science and Biology. I just really started to love learning about the human body and how things worked. Thats also how I started moving from religious beliefs. I was also starting to get interested in weomen, seeing as how sexual hormones were just kicking in. I also tried accually meeting people. That's where Andy comes in.
One day I was in science class and we had to do a project. We had to make a pamphlet about one of the planets in the solar system. I think the teacher assigned us partners and I was hopeing for Rich. Instead I was partnered with someone else. There was this medium sized kid with a tanned skin tone, medium lengthed hair, and a mustash that was becoming visible. We had to do Mars, my favorite planet. We had to read books and stuff in the library. We were reading through an encyclopedia when he mentioned that the planet was originally called "Cretos", which started a conversation about God of War. He seemed like an interesting guy. He began sitting at our lunch table and me and Rich got to know him well. His name was Andy (Andreas) Gonzales.
That year I had only started learning what it was like to be judged or, well, I wouldn't say bullied. I had to deal with only some stupid people who think they can bring me down. I had tried getting into a relationship with a new student, Alexis Drexer. Took me a semester to ask her out. It didn't work out at all. We never really saw each other and we talked sometimes. That was about it. Then the school year came to a close and it was time once again to move a step up. 8th grade was comeing, and it was one of the worst years of my life.....
I always had a short temper. It was always the smallest, stupidest things that set me off. I had ways of supressing it after 6th grade. But this year was different. If you hang out in the right places, you'll see a good fight once in a while. If you would have hung out with me, you would have seen 3. Everytime someone thought they could get the better of me, they'd have another thing comeing!!!! I wasn't the strongest kid, but I'll tear your a** up and down the hallways. The worst of the 3 was my 2nd fight. Not because it was violent. Nothing happened besides he slaped me, got me in a headlock, and I punched him. It wasn't even the fight that made it so bad. It was how that douch told everyone he kicked my a**. Everyone was constantly on my a** about it. Until one day, they wouldn't even think about it......
When I rode the bus I had met a kid named Jack Cassidy, someone I remember meeting once from sixth grade. We got to talking about things that made little to no scense. We started hanging out more and more and he bacame a good friend. I would go to his house and he would go to my house and we would have some good times just talking about random s**t and playing video games. One day I was on the bus and I was sitting next to Jack and everyone, for the second day in a row, was ranting and raving about how Cody had "kicked my a**". I just ignored them about the entire time. Then, some little douch reached out and stuck gum in my hair. When I was ready to turn around and slug his a**, my brother had allready picked up the little ******** by his neck and cussed his a** out. The bus driver didn't notice which made it so damn funny. Thats when everyone was all like "Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean it, man!" I wouldn't hesitate to punch my brother, but they were all pissing in their pants!
After fight three, the school couldn't take it. I was suspended for 2 weeks instead of ISS. I had no idea how I'd maintain my grades. But in the end, I passed all my classes. I seem to be getting ahead of myself. I forgot an important character in my story.
When eighth grade started, I always looked for all of my friends from 7th grade. But I noticed some new kid who was in about half of my classes. He was tall, had long emo kid hair, glasses, was skinny, and wore a Gir hoody (which is why I tried talking to him). But, just like Rich, I thought I'd never become friends with this kid. I was eating lunch one day and the only friend I had to talk to in my class was Joey Allender. I would talk to him for days and that kid sat right across from me (we were the only three at the table. I liked seclusion). He never talked so I took him as an anti-social emo kid. One day, I tried starting a conversation with Joey about E3 2008 (Previews new video games). Then I heard "Mumble, mumble, mumble." I looked around, and it was that kid across from me.
We started talking about games for a while (He mumbled so much that if I didn't understand him, I'd just go "Yeah. Mhmm." wink Then as it turned out, his favorite game was halo. THAT is what sparked it. That kid's name was Seth Ebert. But we all call him Noodle.
Freshman year began. I was in high school. I was amazed by the student elective classes. I was now a nerd seeing as how I was smart, a game freak, and worked on the computer alot. Noone gave me guff about being a freshman because they didn't believe it. When I was in middle school, I hit the biggest growth spert ever. I grew like to like over 6 ft. in three years! I looked tall enough to be a senior! So that was never a problem. I also had to lern to control my anger. Three fights in a year won't go well with the high school.
I started talking to Caitln more seeing as how we had a classe together this year. And I started to talk to some of her friends. One was my old friend, Julio's, girlfriend, Allena. Another was a talented artist, Jocelyn Tucker (same last name, no relation. I'd wish though! Art lessons!) Jocelyn always had a way of dissapointing other artists because she was soo good. She could make Giger's art look like Picasso.
Even though I knew I shouldn't fight, I slipped up again. Some buck-toothed punk thought he could make fun of me........I choked him and punched him in the back of the head! I do still regret it, but noone took me serious enough to think I wouldn't kick a little a**. I was told though that charges could be pressed next time this would be to happen. So I'm tryin to cool it and be a nice calm person........
But in this past year there have been alot of changes in my thinking.........I have gotten into anime chicks with cat ears. I quickly got into a neko obsession. Cat ears would constantly pop up in my drawings. Now I have a love for cute things......Don't even try to call me gay. I've changed alot of my perspectives on things ans how the world is. I'm so sucked into Biology that Religion is now just fairy tales to me.
But over the past year, I've been depressed. I had learned to supress things so wee that I had been supressing sadness and anger. It continuously built up inside me. And all I did was cover it up with smiles, laughter, and lame jokes. I grew into a hatefilled mass of depression and anger. Suicide had even popped into my head at times. All had seemed to be lost.....until that day...........
I am SO lucky I got a FaceBook page a while ago. About a week ago, I was talking to one of Caitlns friends, Samantha Moore. I was Instant Massaging her because I didn't know her. Somehow the words, "I need to quit drinking and smoking" She got all mad at me. "BAD CRIS! Smoking is bad for u!!!" It got worse when I said "Not cigarettes." I told her about how I'm depressed and how I supress things and cover up my emotions. She said it's wrong for u to hide who you really are. She got me crying for the first time in........I can't even remember.
The last week of school, I was a wreck on Monday. I realized why it was good for me not to hide my emotions. If my friends see that I'm sad, their natural response is to comfort me. I released all my sadness and I was feeling alot better afterwards. I'm still passing the anger phase though. So don't piss me off!!! I've been free of drugs and alchohol and I'm seeing a big difference. I'm not dyeing anytime soon..........and I plan on keeping it that way. With the love of my friends and family, I can change my outcome forever.
So where am I now? Well, I'm a nerdy hippy from Shelbyville, Indiana. I love to draw, play games, watch TV, and wear cat ears. I'm pretty happy, but going though some major family drama. Do you want to know the real Cris Tucker? Well I'm back, baby! And nothin's gonna keep me down and out.

Cristopher Allen Lee Tucker
Shelbyville, Indiana
May 23, 2010


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