Hello there and welcome to my profile.
My name is Crissi and I am an avid reader, gamer and writer.
I love art and Drawing.

I am currently a part time Cashier, because hiring full time in non existent around my are >.> F*&^ers
I am coming back from a LONG LONG Hiatus.

I sometimes go by Collin White. I have dead accounts all over Gaia XD.
I can still access them, but I do not wish to use them , in fact I have no Idea why I made them in the first place >_>.

I will soon open a shop as I always do on Avatar sites. I will be expensive.

Still trying to get my profile situated. I would like to change the White to another color but I'm having trouble with that.

Skype:Crissi HiME

If you add me on ANYTHING you must tell me WHO you are and WHERE you are adding me from. I wont accept you otherwise.

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Crissi needs pricing assistance on her art biggrin