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About myself / future plans

My name is Lydia and I have been on Gaia since 2007. I'm seventeen years old and am graduating from high school in less than a month have graduated! I'm both excited out of my mind and terrified. College is intimidating, especially when your social skills suck as much as mine do. I'm hoping to major in pharmaceuticals, though my initial plan was to major in art. I play violin, trombone, and a litle bit of piano.

I am a proud Asian. I can speak, write, and understand it (though not very well). I hope to visit Korea either this summer or the next because I haven't been there in twelve years. If majoring in medicine gets to be too hard, I plan on switching to education. I'm going to fly to Korea and teach English to native Korean speakers. If that is the case, I hope to settle down there and find someone to share my life with.

Personal interests

I love kpop. I used to hate it, but after listening to Lucifer by SHINee, I fell in love. I AM A KISSME. I LOVE U-KISS SO MUCH UGH MY BIASES ARE KEVIN, KISEOP, ELI, AND ALEXANDER <3 <3 <3. I love F.T. Island too omg Hongki's the greatest singer ever. My favorite kpop songs are:

U-Kiss →Tick Tack, Bingeul Bingeul, Man Man Ha Ni, One of You, Neverland, Dora Dora, Cinderella, Te Amo, A Shared Dream, Forbidden Love
F.T. Island →Severely, Hello Hello, Love Love Love, Like Birds
EXO-K →Mama, What is Love
SHINee → Lucifer, Sherlock, Hello, Ring Ding Dong, Replay, Juliette, Love Like Oxygen, Ready or Not
B2ST → Shock, Bad Girl, Fiction, You, Back to You, On Rainy Days, Say No, Beautiful, I Like You the Best, Mystery, 숨 ( Breath ), Virus, Lightless, Freeze, Though I Call You, Easy, V.I.U.
SNSD → Genie, Gee, Oh!, Twinkle
Brown Eyed Girls → Abracadabra, Cleansing Cream, Sixth Sense
B1A4 → Beautiful Target, O.K.
CN Blue → I'm A Loner, Love Girl, Love
Super Junior →
Big Bang → Bad Boy, Haru Haru, Blue, Last Farewell, Love Song, Lies, Tonight
T-Ara → Cry Cry, Lovey Dovey, Roly Poly
2NE1 → Follow Me, I Am The Best
B.A.P. → Warrior, Power
Hyuna → Troublemaker, Bubble Pop
miss A → Breathe, Bad Girl, Good Girl, Good-Bye Baby, Touch
Secret → Madonna, Magic, Shy Boy, 별빛달빛 (Starlight Moonlight)
Taeyang → I Need a Girl, Wedding Dress
2PM → Hands Up, Heartbeak, I'll Be Back

I don't know much kpop, that's all the kpop that I really listen to/know. Recommend some to me! ^0^


I watch some Korean variety / reality / game shows too (mostly SHINee) ~ Here are some of my favorites in order:

SHINee Hello Baby
Shinhwa with SHINee
Oh! My School - No Eng subs
SHINee Yunhanam
Maknae Rebellion with SHINee
Flower with SHINee
Flower with SHINee pt. 2 (?)
Super King with SHINee

Other than kpop, I guess I listen to . . uhm, 30 Seconds to Mars or the All American Rejects or something. // hehe

My favorite movies are: Deathnote Live Action movies, Detroit Metal City, Departures, that one Japanese movie with the homeless children in the apartment, Peacock, Mr. Nobody, I Love You Philip Morris, Sunshine, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, The Truman Show, What's Eating Gilbert Grape, Disco Pigs, 28 Days Later ( will continue later )

Role playing

Okay, so I've been role playing on Gaia since 2008. I don't know why I started, I just thought it'd be nice to do something new on this website. I joined an illiterate role play in like, the Barton town forum or something and I was like, "Melee walked around humming to herself as she looked at the flowers and played piano." I was seriously that illiterate. Once I started getting the hang of role playing I moved on to the Gaian Neighborhood, which is where I spend all of my time in now. I made a lot of role plays. I think they're fun to come up with and construct. Actually, here's a list of all of the role plays I have made in the past (in order from oldest to newest):

A Fairy's Orphanage-Need Caretakers and Children (ohmygod)
Monsters of the World~High School (Accepting~) (// crawls into a hole and dies)
Lindin High (Accepting all Races)
~Stranded~ Private RP - 1x1
Lindin High [One of those Rare Semi~Lit--Lit Roleplays] Open v.2
Do as I Say
Do as I Say v.2
The Lindin House for Troubled Teens (Open/Accepting~) v.3
The Lindin House for Troubled Teens (o/a~) - group rp
Camp Vexon (o/a ♬)
Heart Carnival (High School Romance RP)(o/a)
ㅇStrandedㅇ (o/a)(Romance + Violence..x3) v.2
ㅇStruggles in Lifeㅇ (o/a)(sci-fi/romance)
Kitty High (Neko roleplay..o/a..literate) (NOOOO)
Surviving Destruction (~ Literate)(Violence/Romance)
ї'ℓℓ αℓωαys Ьє τнєяє ƒøя yøů
From this point on I've started writing / thinking more
ƒατε Ьяøuġнτ us τøġετнεя :o/a:
ωε'яε jusτ ƒяιεn∂s, яιgнτ? (1x1)
★ Blood Lust ☆ an invitation only R • P - group rp
☼ leτ τнe gαмes Ьegιи ☼ [oa]
seττℓιиg ιи | oa • 7/8 guys • semi lit / lit |
мessιиg ωιτн ιove [oиe x oиe] - 1x1
❥- - α cяιspy seαяcн [ oиexoиe seαяcн ]
τнe нosτ [oиe x oиe] - 1x1
τнey've found us [oиe x oиe] - 1x1
uиwαиτed [oиe x oиe] - 1x1
so coиғuse∂ [oиe x oиe] - 1x1
ωнατ ' s τнe coιoя oғ ιove ?
α cяιsρʏ, ʏαoι-sρяιиκʟeɗ яoʟe ρʟαʏ - 1x1
α noτ so crisρy onexone roʟe ρʟαy - 1x1
α monster & thor role-plαy [onexone] - 1x1
α beαrly & thor role-plαy [onexone] - 1x1
❥- - α cяιspy yoαι seαяcн [open] - search thread
❥- - cιoseя τнαи ьяoτнeяs
iLove.you【 2 reopened / yaoi / yuri / lit.break 】 (thinking about remaking this)
a thor & jeff roleplay [onexone] - 1x1
h o s p i t a l i z e d [o.f / yaoi / lit. break]
pαss τнe cup , pιeαse / lit.break
❝s e α r c н ι n '❞ / group / yaoi / lit. break - search thread
♔ F α ι я y τ α ℓ e ℓ o v e . c o м / onexone- 1x1
✿ ғ ι o я ι ɗ α - - ( / o.f ) - group
❥ʙ ғ ғ ι - - ( / o.f ) - group
seαяcнιиɢ - oиexoиe // ιιτ. ʙяeακ.yαoι
l o a d i n g - - - // onexone rp
s u м м e r ☀ v a c. // lit. break . yaoi . oa
p a p a r a z z i . yaoi . litbreak .
✪ d e s i r e . uc . lit break
✪ blowmeakiss onexone ` lit. break ` yaoi ` yuri ` hitmeup - search thread
❥ b a b y s t e p s ` onexone with Jess&Lydia - 1x1
p a y m e ` ( onexone ) ' - 1x1
❥ - - - - - messing with l o v e ` ( onexone ) ' - 1x1
my love △ ( threesome rp bitchnawz ) - 1x1
❥ - - - b l i n d ` ( darlingthor ) ' - 1x1
t o u c h . m e - - - onexone search - yaoi - search thread
first ♔ dance . onexone . lit. break . yaoi
i j u s t l a u g h - - highschool - lit.break
✄ - - - нαvε ғαιτн ιи мε - uc - ммм`yαoι
☞ ' S K Y 【 H I G H 】☂ ` ☆
♂ ♂ - - α crιspy seαrch for lιt. breαk onexones - search thread
✄ - - 4152 Skyline Boulevard. ` full ; lgbt ; family '

So yeah, I like making role plays. Oh, and I'm a role play hoarder. I don't unsubscribe from anything lol. I'm currently subscribed to 311 threads which is kind of annoying, but whatever. If I have role played with you before and you sucked, I have the proof in my hands. >D

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