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gawki Report | 02/16/2009 12:45 pm

gawki Report | 02/16/2009 10:51 am
gawki Report | 06/09/2008 6:18 pm
ello :}
gawki Report | 01/05/2008 6:55 pm
What would you do if I... 

1. killed myself? cry depression kill myself too ;-;

2. pointed a gun to your head? know i prolly deserve it

3. killed you? uhm.. die?

4. said I liked you? << ILY : DD

5. said I loved you? ILY2 : DDD

6. kissed you? be scared.. very.. scared.. >>

7. made you cry? i would cry. of course.

8. told you an evil secret? how eviilll >: O if you're gonna take over the world, TAKE ME WITH YOU

9. got into a fight and won? give you cookies : D

10. got into a fight and lost? give you more cookies : D and beat the person up-- dah.

11. got into a fight and died? kick ther butts >: O

12. ended up in the hospital? visit you everyday

13. said I wanted to marry you? were already married. dah.

14. asked you to lay down in bed? cry. XD lol

What about

1. my personality? its ubar spiffay

2. the way I see things? your own way

3. my friendship with you? pretty awesome-- cept the part where we live 29382938472 miles away


1. who are you? uhm your best friend >: O

2. what are you? i think i'm human..

3. how old are you? 128349128341289346 bish. :]

4. are we friends? i hope so O.O

5. do you like me? ILY >:[

6. do you love me? ILY AGAIN >: O

7. would you hug me? dah.

8. would you kiss me? << maybe as a JOKE infront of friends.. lmao but in a serious way? NO >: O

9. would you have sex with me? ..... NO XD

10. would you marry me? we are married already lol

11. would you kill me? uhm.. no.. o.O

12. what is your fondest memory you had with me? back in the day when we lived in the same neighborhood </3 miss it much

13. am I lovable? cha ILY XD

14. have I ever hurt you? not to the extent that i would hate you

15. what about me stands out? your random outbursts and when we joke around laughing really loud in public

16. give me a nickname and explain why you picked it. LEXI-poo.. ? because uhm.. just because ? XD

17. do you wish I was cooler? you are like.. ubar kewl mah friend :]

18. what do you think my weakness is? i have no ideeeaaaa.. cept where you can't have spicy and sour food. lol.

19. what is something you would change about me? NOTHING BISH >: O

20. how have I affected you? a lot of ways yet i can't think of any atm. deep questions confuse me D:

21. do you think I like you? you better love me >: O lol

22. do you think I love you? .... i knew this question was next.. same as last answer lol

23. do you think I would kill someone? if they piss you off enough?

24. if I did kill someone, who do you think it would be? someone you hate ... dah.

25. do you think i'll get married? of course : DD we iz married already lol

26. how well do you know me? well nuff .. we think alike : DD

27. what would you do if I quit gaia? you already did it seems like.. WTHECK o.o

28. if you could give me anything what would it be? the world and all its muffins <3

29. what reminds you of me? my brain.. DUH

30. what about me makes you happy? how we joke around and we forget worries n junk like that

31. what about me makes you sad? when we fight D:

32. what do you think of me? best friiieend : D

33. what was your first impression? i don't rememberr so very long ago. zomggg

34. do you still think that way of me now? read last answer ^

35. ever wanted to tell me something but could't? like what? o.O

36. what is it you want to tell me but can't? i have no souuullll -dun dunn dunnnnnn-

37. how nice am I, 1-10? 395791357238946923857-923847590238475 well.. it depends XD

38. when and where did we meet? in our neighborhood of course

39. how long have you known me? like.. 10 years :]

40. how well do you know me? .. din't i answer this already? i think i did.

41. are we close? were as close as uhm.. buttcheeks to the toilet ... lolololol

42. are you going to put this in your journal and see what I say about you? o.O do i HAVE to? lol.

43. did you have fun? fun? where? >> fo sho


gawki Report | 12/31/2007 10:32 pm
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gawki Report | 12/31/2007 10:40 am

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soccermizz28 Report | 01/27/2007 7:24 pm
lol The L Word! Yeah, I love that guild! It's the good ol' L Word
Crirstle Report | 01/02/2007 8:27 pm
nope but I c u a lot in this 1 guild and u seemed nice and OBSESSED with tatu
soccermizz28 Report | 12/22/2006 10:50 pm I know you?
11th Pheonix Report | 09/06/2006 3:53 pm
Congratulations! You are the newest victim of PHEONIX'S MOST AWESOME QUEST FOR TEH UBER COMMENTS! you are victim number: 925


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