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What About Me? This about me!

I'm just here for zOMG guys.

Also, when did all the items get so expensive?! This is ridiculous. $500,000,000 for a stick!

I wonder if zOMG will let us continue using our orbs and rings and other stuff, or will it make us all start new and all the old stuff will be completely useless? I really hope everything starts from the... well... start. FRESH!


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Romeo and Cinderella :P


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Sumasuun Report | 06/28/2017 8:07 pm
Just problems with bad tenants.
Sorry for the late response, been pretty busy with all of it. u.u''
Still dealing with it in fact.
kikiolana Report | 06/16/2017 10:56 pm
GR reset cuz someone dc'd in it after you left xD lmao dramallama
Sumasuun Report | 06/13/2017 7:41 am
Not a lot going on with me honestly.

I got dragged down to Chicago to help my mother with her attorney.
Otherwise nothing new at all.
Doing pretty okay.
Sumasuun Report | 06/06/2017 11:56 am
*hugs* Good luck.
There's still a lot of things you'll end up having to learn though. Dx
By which I mean teachers literally have to take courses every so often to learn the updated material since things change all the time. u.u''
Hopefully less so for younger kids but I'm not sure. It's been quite a while since I've looked into it or talked to a teacher about it.

*hugs* I really hope you get a job soon so you'll have a decent, stable income to move.

That's a good plan. I'm glad the two of you have thought it through and are planning it carefully. (:
Sumasuun Report | 05/30/2017 6:43 pm
I really hope you passed as well. *hugs*
You'll have to keep me updated and how everything goes. (:

I'm glad you're healed now.
Sumasuun Report | 05/27/2017 3:39 pm
I know. It's hard finding the I Am items. u.u''

Hm.. What's new... I'm not sure.
I think I got into a car accident since last we talked about how we were doing but I'm not sure.
I may have told you already?
Not big deal though, already healed up pretty much.
Just need to find a replacement car. u.u''

What's been new with you? (:
Sumasuun Report | 05/22/2017 12:10 pm
Before I properly respond to your comment...
I can't stop staring. >.<;;

Yeah, that's true. Kids in a classroom and out with their family are really different.
It some what depends though. As long as it's not pre-k or kindergarten it should be fine.
I've unfortunately had to deal with some rather unsavory behavior from kids at those stages though. u.u''
Sumasuun Report | 04/29/2017 12:25 pm
I'm really glad you don't have to retake the whole test.
Do you like children? ;o

What chocolate store do you work in? ;o
And no, working in the store would suck.
Working in a chocolate factory would also suck, but at least you can bring home some things occasionally.
I'm glad the pay is good though. (:

And I think that teaching kids would be rewarding, just only if you really like kids.
Because they can be little shits. ._.''
I feel bad saying so, but sometimes they're just raised so.... I don't know.
I mean, I expect kids to be kids to a certain extent but at times when I see a kid running loose alone in a store screaming... =x

It is an amazing feeling though when you see the look of understanding a new concept in their eyes though.
Sumasuun Report | 03/18/2017 4:38 pm
Not a lot new with me really.
Moving in together with my gf soon, about it.

And yeah, it was nice running into you on zOMG.
Really didn't expect that. (:
Sumasuun Report | 03/12/2017 12:42 pm
I see you heard from your friend about zOMG. (:
It's nice to see you on again. ^^

Best friend in the world <3

Now don't tell me this isn't cute.

These guys are cool. Don't make me send an army of them on you >:)

BREAKING NEWS: It's the newest drug called GE. The government (Gaia crew) is now trying to ease the public of this new addiction by cutting back the supply. Reports have shown that with the recent drop of GE that the addiction has risen. Will this reign of horror ever end for the addicts? Stay tuned to find out. We'll be reporting back in until the 15th :3

BY: MkaysOh, here's a Gaia citizen right now. "Hello Miss, I'm sure you have something to say about this? ", Makys: " Why yes. Through this week, I've been hunting golden eggs *twitch*, but I just don't think cutting back the supplies of golden eggs *twitch* is a good idea. Gaia, it's a bad idea. Why cut back the supply of golden eggs *twitch* when I haven't gotten enough yet? I need more .. more golden eggs *ultra-twitch* " Reporter: "Mam, are you alright?" Makys: "Why, WHY GAIA WHY AHLDFRLDNDLKHHEJLDFLD *bites reporters arm*. Golden eggs... *nomnomnom* " Reporter: " WE'VE GOT A 401 HERE, CRAZY GEA, call in the squat team." *sterilizes Makys* ....." So, that's the latest news from this Sunday April 11, 2010, the last day of the event. Please Gaians, please. Don't become one of the .... OH GEEBUS, WHAT IS THAT?" *Savage gea's run in* " AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH ..... *silence* " Gea's: " Golden eggs, golden eggs ... " (zombie music)

No one will ever suspect that I made this. ^_^

You want to see more of what now?