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Last Login: 06/10/2020 3:05 pm

Registered: 09/15/2007

Gender: Female

Location: Lafayette, Louisiana

Birthday: 06/13/1990

Occupation: Homemaker

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1st motto: Love is always the truth & never a lie.
2nd motto: Dreams don't die.
3rd motto: Life is forever
4th motto: Truth & Love is the key



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Amelia_Felix Report | 08/13/2021 12:17 pm
Hello everyone. I made a big mistake of deleting my email that is linked to this profile here. Please add me as my new main account until I can find a way to sort this out.
BraelynNK Report | 10/13/2020 10:25 am
Yes! How are you doing? 2020 has been a crazy year, especially for me. Have you stayed healthy? I'm finally graduating college this December. Super stoked!
BraelynNK Report | 01/04/2020 9:25 pm
Lol oops just realized I already told you my account info months ago. xd I miss you friendo. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
BraelynNK Report | 01/04/2020 9:24 pm
Sure thing! My account name is Night faolan if you ever want to play. I don't play too many online games anymore but there are a couple I still do. Would love to see you in other games!
BraelynNK Report | 08/07/2019 8:11 pm
Most definitely! I hope life has been treating you well. heart
BraelynNK Report | 04/30/2019 9:32 pm
Hey thought I'd check in on ya! Hope life is treating you well. I play runescape a lot. If you want to play, add me. NightFaolan
BraelynNK Report | 09/16/2018 3:14 pm
hahaha you're still looking on here once and awhile? Me too, it's crazy!
BraelynNK Report | 07/17/2014 8:05 pm
I've missed you so much Aaron!! smile
BraelynNK Report | 05/27/2014 11:38 pm
BraelynNK Report | 10/21/2013 5:38 pm
Yeah really!! I haven't been on here in a long while gonk gonk gonk gonk I just haven't been on my laptop much!! We need to hang on here sometime!! It's been too long! mrgreen mrgreen

Amelia's Info

Full Name: Amelia Joanna Hopkins Felix
Fursona Name: Crimson Alucard Nightfox (Unit CFX-149)

Hello, my name is Amelia Felix, I'm a trans-woman. Pretty much too lazy for details but I will have some in when I can.