Nice to meet you all that comes to my page
~shakes hand~
I Greatly Appreciate it!
Don't be afraid to comment and pm me
I'll like to meet new people
Well that's start off with my name.
When i was in my moms whom
my mom was going to call me Tiara
Until she heard a name she never heard before
she named me Kiara meaing "The Devil One"
when you search up my name you will see African's
My name origion is Irish. I find it Ironic.
I am a Visual learner and a Physical Learner
Relationship Status is, Single
People say I am a rare one
for several reasons:
1. Understanding problems fast
2. Can feel the same pain they are going through
3. Supporting all my friends and family
4. Don't take sides
5. Rather understand both sides
6. Helping people
7. Can't stay mad at a person (depends if you go to the limit)
8. Something bugging me I don't stay back, i go for it
9. Not afriad to tell people the truth (somewhat)
10. Friends in danger or in a problem I will automatically talk to that person
11. Ask a lot of questions to get the information i want
12. It all collides together by my Zodiac Sign to Cancer
13. & moore!.
I might have problems in my life that hasn't been solve
I put people's problem before my every own
^- Always been like that -^
My favorite flowers are Lillies
I like the look they have & I like drawing them
I have a tattoo in mind, but I can't draw the way I want it
If any of you are bored and feel like drawing
Ask me if you want to draw it for me

You want to learn more about me,
Don't hestitate to ask me
I rather people chatting with me
& I sure will like to know you! (=

Thankiies for anyone that read my about me section!

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