Hey everyone!
I remember the first time I had a dream avatar. It looked like this:
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Spiffy Pickles, now Riiz, now Sami =), provided all parts of my dream avvi except my ribbon necklace and the CoCo plushie, for which I'm eternally in her debt. (For the record, I no longer have a dream avatar. At least, none that you can view.)

So I was looking at my profile and I realized that I haven't changed it in almost three years! Which doesn't necessarily mean I haven't changed, by the way. In fact, I have a bit. So here's the updates to whoever's interested.

I'm still into reading and writing. I'm in the middle of revising my very first novel now!! *drools* I'm lazy though, so don't expect to see it appearing in a bookstore near you for... *checks watch* a very, very long time. Several thousand hours, in fact. But just to be sure, get in line now!

My man and I have been dating since April 2, 2010. Life's good.

I enjoy donating randomly. Do not ask me for donations... instead, just cross your fingers. I lurk within the Life Issues forum, which is somehow mildly addicting for me. I must say I've settled in quite nicely. If you also lurk/post there and I see a request in your signature, you might just get a random donation!

I'm still not comfortable with giving out personal info over the internetz, so if you came here looking for a way to contact me... well, not much comes easy in life, does it?

Your Life Path Number is 3

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Your purpose in life is to express your unique self.

You are a creative and artistic person with an interesting view on life.
Witty and outgoing, you enjoy sharing your crazy ideas with anyone who will listen.
A total social butterfly, you're the life of any party.

In love, you inspire and enchant your partner. You are often an object of fantasy and desire.

While you are very talented, you sometimes lack the ambition to put your talents in play.
And while your wit carries you a long way, you occasionally use it to mask your true feelings.
Your natural abilities can bring you all the success in the world ... if you let them

What Is Your Life Path Number?



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The Journal of Randomness

I have a lot of strange thoughts during the day, and this is just a place to put them down. They're rarely ever connected.



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Special Agent Bookworm

Report | 12/21/2011 6:26 am

Special Agent Bookworm

You either wink
Da Canuck

Report | 09/26/2010 3:48 pm

Da Canuck

Hey hey hey, how're things going?
Tsukiko Milani

Report | 08/13/2009 7:05 am

Tsukiko Milani

Aw, there's no need to be sorry for not giving more!
Every little bit helps, and I'm very thankful for it heart
And there's no need to be overly cautious about Casey; I'm really not too strict. She is truly very sweet, and she does remember you! I mentioned your name to her when I said you had donated to me ^_^
Tsukiko Milani

Report | 08/07/2009 3:00 pm

Tsukiko Milani

smile Thank you so much for the donation! That was really sweet of you heart

Report | 07/17/2009 6:55 pm


But no washing bummies with your tongue tho~ huh? emo

Jesting! 4laugh

Report | 07/17/2009 6:47 pm


I exagerate to make a point, my dear. heart Not to worry. I am madly in love with my brood.
Special Agent Bookworm

Report | 06/28/2009 8:56 am

Special Agent Bookworm

Tonight is movie night!
Had to make it inside becasue:
1) it's air conditioned.
2) I found out we need speakers which I don't have.
3) we don't have to wait for it to get dark.
Special Agent Bookworm

Report | 06/28/2009 8:51 am

Special Agent Bookworm

Sorry! I didn't see your comment until now!
yes we do have to get it in but we may have to wait for a weekend becasue I work on weekdays now. T-T
Special Agent Bookworm

Report | 06/21/2009 8:27 am

Special Agent Bookworm

You aren't getting a bill for it?
Clever girl found a flaw with the system! I'm telling your mommy on you!
Wow I feel very....hyper?.....Stupid?....A combination of the two.
Bah who knows.
Special Agent Bookworm

Report | 06/20/2009 6:59 am

Special Agent Bookworm

You mean thoes quize=cash things?
You did a few?


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