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Name: Sarah

Age: 16

Favorite color: purple

favorite animal: penguins and pandas

fav candy: skittles and well skittles

fav music: anything long as it's not rap or country

So well im pretty average in personality...I love random people, random things...randomness is totally awesome.

Another thing thats totally awesome is pulling pranks on people or just plainly messing with people's so fun to watch peoples long as you don't get to carried away and hurt them (thats never good).

Yeah so theres not much else to say so tata!

Heres my dream avi! ^_^
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How ... Without You

The brook is babbling, calling to me
the song it is singing
a faint remembrance

How the music has changed
without you

The path leading in is still there
but covered with the branches
from winter storms

How my heart has closed
without you

The river bottom is almost exposed
rocky debris washed ashore
from receding ice

How muddled life has become
without you

The water is clear, my reflection looks back
but I don't recognize
the woman I see

How hollow I've become
without you

The ripples circle outwards slowly
growing from the drop
of a single tear

How my eyes still cry
without you

The glint catches me by surprise
it's from a day long past
a penny thrown

How my frown turns into a smile
without you

by Lost Soul 691

R.I.P Jake Nov. 13 1988-May 21, 2007 , I'll never forget the good times that we shared, you were for the longest time the only joy in life. You taught me to be a better person and to be strong. I wouldn't be the person I am today with out you.


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Cyberartist26 Report | 10/25/2009 11:19 am
Wow, awesome profile page =D
Shinzuro Report | 12/19/2007 11:04 pm
hey drop me a pm sometime
IceGrl101 Report | 11/29/2007 5:51 am
random comment
gcubed Report | 11/22/2007 5:19 am
I'm repalying late back to you aswell lol

I've not been on here for alonggggg time lol : D

*dances, trips, lies face up giggling* x D
magikgoddess Report | 09/26/2007 11:10 am
Hello. How's everything? Love your profile.
gcubed Report | 08/24/2007 4:46 pm
Your profile is the wowzers!

Oonai-Raksha likes very much *does the happy dance to your profile*
Shinzuro Report | 08/23/2007 10:47 am
maby i should change my name to darth vader User Image
Shinzuro Report | 08/22/2007 8:26 pm
yeah i know its pretty kick a** isn't it
Xavier-Blaze Report | 08/22/2007 3:39 pm
Holy cripts...jeez just keep nagging about me not telling anyone I was home...Jeez...did it ever occur to you im going through some things? haha...jeez
Shinzuro Report | 08/22/2007 3:03 pm
its alright i understand ^_^



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