Check it :3
-Call me Joe
-I have two thumbs *amazing*
-I like my homies
-Music rocks my socks
-Bleach is my favorite manga
-Which makes Tite Kubo my role model
-Cool people skateboard wink
-Red/White Black = awesome :3
-I like to exchange
-I like penguins
-And sometimes pandas
-I play Soccer and Basketball
-I greatly enjoy breaking things and setting things on fire
-I mostly dislike posers & know-it-alls
-I hate n00bs D:
-I like anime and manga *as you can see by the naruto thing =0*

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Here is a Panda for your enjoyment :3
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Just a little reminder
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I don't donate to n00bs


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Happy New Year!! User Image

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Thanks nice avi yourself, balanced the colors well. User Image

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Dude that III iGIR III is the BIGGEST n00b I have ever seen...reasons?

He has had over 50k and many different outfits..yes I know your jaw dropped when you read that. Its simply incredible. -sarcasm-

He is not begging just undercutting you..no big deal. -again sarcasm-

He came up with the dumbest approach to ask pretty much for a donation..no side comment.

He disables his comments because of n00bs asking him for donations and such..ironic.

The stupidity of the human mind amazes me everyday.

Dude I was incredible bored and done exchanging for the day so I thought I would spend time on making this pointless comment!
Mistress Belle

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Mistress Belle

<3 Im back. are you?
O c t o p u s Water

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O c t o p u s Water

You're aviee is gasmy.

Mistress Belle

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Mistress Belle

Give this rose (@ )----->------- to everyone you care about, including me if you care. See if you get a dozen before Valentine's Day!


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love the dontaions thing tis amzing
crystal warrior96

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crystal warrior96

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hey cool page and avatar add me as friend if u want


I will buy your items.
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