If you don't like U2 its because you haven't been to a live concert.
Total Value: 363,324,055 Gold
After Exclusions: 363,127,923 Gold
[Item Information]

Item List:
Angelic Halo
Angelic Sash
Angelic Bracelet
Mythrill Armor
Angelic Pendant (Glow)
Elegant Veil
Gift of the Goddess
Gift of the Goddess
Golden Laurels
Mythrill Armor
Mythrill Armor
Mythrill Armor
Mythrill Armor
Mythrill Armor
Spartan Cloak
Spartan Shield
Egyptian Blue Linen Wrap
Flame Sword
Whip of Fire
Winter Rose

Conversation between me and a friend about snuggling. xd
Me: snuggling sounds so good right now.
Her: lol.
Me: you know...
Me: wrap 'em up in my arms
Me: hold 'em close
Me: and girls don't like to be ...
Me: you know.
Her: crushed? XDD
Me: yeah!
Me: and bigger boobs tell me where to put my arms.
Me: under them.
Me: but little boobs, you don't know where they are.
Her: XD
Me: so I could put my arms around their chest
Me: and that's just uncomfortable
Her: hmm..
Her: I suppose I see where you are coming from.
Her: but when I snuggle.
Me: thank you
Her: I usually like to face the person.
Her: so how does that make a difference?
Her: lol
Me: yep
Me: well.
Me: once again.
Me: boobs help.
Me: because the female body has a tendancy to flow gracefully
Me: few girls are uh...
Me: )
Her: lol.
Me: more of an "S"
Me: or an hour glass
Me: so if her chest is agaisnt mine I just run my hands down her back
Me: go with the curves
Me: find a good place to put my arms.
Me: and then-hey
Me: put her arms around my neck
Me: I'd have her eyes right there with mine
Me: her lips too
Me: Eskimo kisses
Her: lol.
Me: and arms and hands on her womanly feminine sexy hips.
Her: XD
Me: I could play footzie
Me: rub her legs with mine
Me: rub her back
Me: stroke her legs
Me: and just smile and enjoy having somebody special.
Her: *shakes head* You are such a romantic lol.
Me: oh and fyi- I love Eskimo kisses
Me: I don't think you can get much more intimate than eskimo kisses
Me: you know what they are right?
Her: um
Her: noses?
Me: yep
Her: ah.
Me: long ones
Me: long slow ones
Me: I mean who else would you do that with?
Her: too true.
Me: run my fingers through her hair.
Me: kiss her forehead
Me: man I'm die'n to snuggle
Me: thanks a lot
Her: lol.
Her: now I want to snuggle ><
Her: so thank you. *grumble*
Me: you have only yourself to blame
Her: -.-
Me: ^_^



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Report | 11/06/2007 5:27 am


I dressed up for Halloween

Lace & silk skirt, black shirt, net tights, basically lots of ribbons and lace.

I looked great!

But got nicknamed a halloween whore!

WE (Me and my friends) went to the The Metropolis Lounge, all dressed up, and went drinking and dancing!

I also stayed single that night, didnt leave with any guys and kept safe!

It was fun, danced for hours!!

You didnt do anything?

<3 xoxoxo
Mrs Muffin Man3

Report | 10/31/2007 4:46 pm

Mrs Muffin Man3

Happy Halloween Philly Willy :3

Report | 10/30/2007 10:08 pm


I know your weakness!! Mo-Ha-Ha!!

Report | 10/30/2007 7:50 am


AAAAHHHHH! ~Jabs fingers into side!~ Tickle, tickle!!

Report | 10/30/2007 7:13 am


You might get lucky....

So how are you hunni?

Looking forward to Halloween?

Criminal for Justice

Report | 10/29/2007 10:06 pm

Criminal for Justice


Report | 10/29/2007 6:36 pm


leave mary alone she's mine!

Report | 10/29/2007 3:09 pm


~Sticks finger in mouth, then in your ear!~ WET WILLY!!!!

Report | 10/29/2007 9:13 am


That's right! Your ears gonna be next!! ^__^

Report | 10/28/2007 5:52 pm


AAHH! ~Trys to get away, but fails!~ Must get free . . . ~Suddenly bites neck!!~ LOL~


I like pie, random pms are fun! Don't do it late at night though, I can't control what I say at night. v.v xd