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Alias: Crimdarath

DOB: 08/30

Sex: Male

Status: Offline

Designation: Grammar Nazi
Height: 179 cm

Eyes: Dark Green

Mood: Creative
Hobbies/Interests: Music, drawing, character concept/design, writing & story concept/development, RPGs, sword collecting, playing saxophone/guitar, plotting doom -- specifically yours.

Profile: I'm a snarky, sardonic son of a b*tch with a penchant for spite and an unhealthy fascination with mass destruction. Don't let it bother you. My snide, sarcastic demeanor is simply my way of communicating with you silly normal folk, so don't take offense; it's nothing personal nor am I prejudiced. I hate everyone equally.

I'm also a horrendous procrastinator and an even more horrendous perfectionist. I know, I'm such a catch.

Yes, I am an artist. No, I don't take commissions. Well -- not usually. There ARE special exceptions and extenuating circumstances, but you aren't likely to be privy to any of them. I do, however, occasionally share my artwork for your viewing pleasure out of the goodness of my cold, withered little black heart. Feel privileged. Or else.

Artwork: This week's featured art is random. So sue me.

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Dread Valkyrie Report | 02/14/2013 11:46 pm
Dread Valkyrie
*tromps around on your page like an angry dinosaur*
Teia Stormcaster Report | 07/07/2012 5:25 pm
Teia Stormcaster
Hai Crim~ =O
RxSxSx Report | 04/22/2011 2:34 am
Holy hell, we now have the same theme. Odd... Formerly Natas_Sigod by the way. On here to promote my new music project, R.S.S.
elisiathelittlelamb Report | 10/29/2010 12:20 am
i know we do not know each other. but i stumbled upon your profile.
and i had to say.. i am glad someone out in this sh*tty earth feels they same as me.
i hate people. i really cannot stand them, except the small few.
who aren't like the rest.
you see, ever since i was a little girl..
( ever since i was a little girl, i was consumed by little guns, ever since i was a little girl, i was consumed by little dolls.. )
sorry. thats from a song. you should listen to it, as it's very nice. its called guns and dolls by the bastard faries..
anyways. i remember thinking of how gross people really were.. people often asked if i was depressed
and no, i'm not. nor am i sad. i just see what most people dont.
im this way because i wasn't brain washed to be like them.
death doesn't sadden me, i wish people would die quicker.
too much sh*ts in this world.
i know this comment is very random. and i dont really expect you to comment back.
but, it'd be nice to chat sometime.
Red Over White Report | 04/24/2010 6:37 pm
Red Over White
They certainly are. D:
Red Over White Report | 04/24/2010 6:22 pm
Red Over White
That is what I tought. XD
And all of them are in that rap, hip-hop crap. -_-
Hate that kind of music.
But not more then Country.
Red Over White Report | 04/24/2010 5:56 pm
Red Over White
Why, Thank-you. smile
My friends say I have a horrible taste in music.
But I disagree.
pangolinn Report | 12/29/2009 10:02 pm
Nah, I'll leave you to your, erm, beating of the layout.
(Which by the way, your arts amazing.)

Damn you gifted people.

Anyhow, the quicker you finish, the sooner I can torment you!!
pangolinn Report | 12/29/2009 9:09 pm
Pay back my dear friend!

For I promised you suffering!!
pangolinn Report | 12/27/2009 11:28 pm


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