I decided I had to shorten my about me, so here goes!


Im Alexandra, you can call me Alex, Ali, Lexy, Lex, Alexy-Alex, Cricket, Rosalie, or make up your own name for me!

I am also the Empress of Szwarcetopia. So if you are part of my Empire you are allowed to call me Empress, Empress Alex, or whatever you may wish. ^-^ We also have a monthly Cheesecake Festival, which is actually quite fun ^-^

I'm 16

I am very happily taken, by my 1st boyfriend, Jeb. Love you!!! <3

I am also a "polygamist" becuase I'm "Married" to Courtney,
Kristen, Raquel, Crystal, Sydjea, Vicky, Ellen, Veronica, Gabby, Monica, Lauren, and Shawn. I love my Wifeys! And my "Husbands." lol
I'm Alexia's "Mommy" smile (don't ask. lol)

I'm White, Blond/light brown hair, Honey Brown eyes, e.t.c

I'm a complete nerd; I am reading practically 24/7, I love Legend of Zelda, Kingdom Hearts, Pokemon and LOTS of other video games, and MOVIES!!! I read all of Stephanie Meyer's books, I LOVE her! Especially The Host!

I heart heart heart heart heart Draco Malfoy. He's Awessooommmee <3 <3 <3 <3

No offense but Alex likes the guys~

I heart Harry Potter (I also heart Voldemort)

I love you all! I love pms, comments and friend requests!!! Anyone who helps me will be put on my Loved List!

My Loved List!!! I love you!!!

heart Xx Goldy xX heart My big sis wink
heart Haloaddict1994 heart
heart Mandaboat19994 heart
heart Minasuke heart
heart Neginaruto heart (he gives really awesome gifts!!!)
heart Apocalypse Unleashed heart (she ROXXS!!!)
heart DownSpill heart Awesome avvie art!!!
heart Puppetwaker heart She's real cool!
heart Denzel2424242 heart Pure AWESOMENESS right here!
heart shadow00198 heart
heart freerunner713 heart <-- hehehehe :p


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The weird and wacky Ramblings of Cricket

Wacky Ramblings

Just wierd thigs that happen to me and stuff in my random and silly life.


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sweatdrop Im cleaning out my friends,since my account was dead for such a long time.
You can re-add me if you want.

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psssst.....I love you <3

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add my new acc

MikeyInsane X_X

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i miss yew too!

where have yew gone?

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long time no see!
II GummyB II

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II GummyB II

im good sis
i miss u those days
and happy bday! ^^
II GummyB II

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II GummyB II

hey sis biggrin

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yo dude....:-} chiken rulez!!!!!!!!!!
Aj Boi

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Aj Boi

Kit-Kat. He doesnt sleep through the night very well
II GummyB II

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II GummyB II

i been good 2


I write stories! There's one in my Journal if you wanna see....Aaaaaand if you want...I could write you one if you tell me what you want it about... heart