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'As the Night Cries It Rains'-by CrescentFlower(Kat)7.8.07
~Black is the night
Stars in the sky
Here on the porch I sit
Watching time go bye
~In my mind I wander off
Distant thoughts deeply run
Dreaming silently aloft
Longing not to see the sun
~As I think,I almost cry
Bursting memories of those that die
~Dead is the night
Silent is my mind
Thinking,drifting off in time
Reflecting on the present and past
Knowing better,I sigh
~The tears run swift
I wipe them dry
Yet amidst the pain I cannot find
Any reason NOT to cry
~And as the night cries
It rains...


HELLO friends, family,pets,enemies, alliances, strangers, and creepy sTaLkErS!

I am pretty quiet and reserved when I want to be...but can be the opposite once you get to know me. I love nature and animals...and numerous other things!!

I live in a house with a lot of people...7 people including me, and 11 of 18 ''people"!!!! I shall take over the world with my telekenesis and send my cats out to find unsuspecting evil victims MUAHAHA!!!!-no not really, I wish! But hey, I can dream can't I?

I also have a short attention span, and can talk for hours about random things that make no sense, so I'll stop talking now so you don't have to hear me and go insane
-you begin to rock back and forth in your corner-'Told you'
(Actually I am a very serious person, but like to make things lighter. Things are dull without humor.) *-^


~Warrior cats series(erin hunter) /Twilight series(stephanie meyer)
~ResidentEvil,KingdomHearts,FinalFantasy,Zelda,Karaoke Revolutions
~cats-of course^_^ and other nature-things
~mystical things-...ooh look, a shiny light...
~InvaderZim,Medium,House,XFiles,Charmed,FamilyGuy,SouthPark ,
~BloodandChocolate,FreakyFriday,SpiritedAway, GirlInterrupted,TheCraft,Underworld
~music-of course-;Japanese/foreign,hardmetal,techno etc.
*bowsandarrows;compound,crossbow,recurve etc.
~ oriental stuff-it should be obvious,being this is an anime site...


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blu-owl Report | 11/16/2010 6:05 pm
hey i like r avi how r u?
zhoushijie Report | 10/28/2008 3:35 pm
thanks for buying the langer plush.
blu-owl Report | 07/11/2007 12:03 pm
i like ur poem ^.^
blu-owl Report | 07/07/2007 11:05 am
lol go to it will help with gaia ok you want to make some other friends to... like allanna is ninja-master-of-the-moon
blu-owl Report | 12/16/2006 9:15 am
hi again luv ya
blu-owl Report | 08/05/2006 6:56 am
hey i love ur profile! do i know u?? lol exactly

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-*CrescentFlower*;dark night enchantress of cats and mystical magic...


Cats,Magic, and Anime!!!!

'Cats,good for the soul…anime,good for the soul…everything else,is unimportant.’