i am a good person.i love to play wit my dogs.but my cats r funn 2.my fave animal is a wolf.proud and strong.my bday is 6/28.my real name is Tory R.if i had a bf we would watch movies all night.we would also watch resaling.im a tom boi. im not a girly girl.if u call me 1 i will explode on u.i live in a small house i La.i have 2 sisters n lots of step.i have 1 bro but he lives in hississippi.the last time i saw him i was 7.im all alone in this house my sister n stepsister hate me.

SKOOL:peapel teaz me.but my friends r alwayz there for me.my teacher is the fun 1.the love of my life is comein back to my skool. biggrin