about us

(This is a shared account)
I try to be down to earth, happy and chill.
Im really easy to get along with.
I accept people no matter what..and im very open minded.
I love meeting new people and making friends.
I try to be myself as much as possible, but im also still trying to figure things out.
I have some idea in what i wanna do with my life but still not totally sure.
I love to smile, and laughing is my addiction!
Im a nerd and im proud of it!!! :0P
I can be extremely random..sorry if i creep you out in advance 0.0
If i sound interesting enough PM i dont mind.
I love talking to new people :3
AMY: My mood changes with whom ever I am with at the time. I'm a Christian. I love drawing, listening to music, and hanging out with friends like any normal teenager. My Main account is Nomerico. My friend EMILY only goes on Gaia when she's at my house so.. ;u;'