Me-Time! lolz

Hey there! name's Jenny....for now of course emotion_awesome ! sixteen goin on 17 (ONE MORE YEAR TIL I CAN VOTE scream ) n b-day's in THE halloween month (BEST HOLYDAII EVAA) Hellz yea~ emotion_dealwithit well kinda:: hiip3r, fun, shii, w3!rD, crazi, dumb, smart, rebel, straight as a crooked line emotion_kirakira , (WANNA BE!! emotion_0A0 ) cool, azn ( VIET PRIDE!!! emotion_yatta ), nerdy, band geek, music- and life- lover, reader, active, book worm (sumtimes), food-a-holic but yet skinny >.< addict to E-VAH-EE-THANG! emotion_dowant , oboist (oboe player emotion_c8 ), bleach-lova (GO DRAGON BALL! x3), a devil or an angel wink , unique, n so basically... emotion_kirakira i uhhh. ..dunno emotion_0A0 PEACE MOTHA BEE emotion_yatta BRO_FIST emotion_brofist