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Romance Eve Report | 11/11/2010 7:25 pm
Romance Eve
alright, i'll add you! as long as i get on facebook, lol i don't use it very much
Romance Eve Report | 09/19/2010 11:24 am
Romance Eve
sure! link me? although i don't use facebook a lot, but i'll try for you
Romance Eve Report | 06/28/2010 9:16 pm
Romance Eve
hiiiii!! -hugs-
I missed you so much! how are you doing?
nothing much is going on, just on gaia and sorta watching tv and what are you doing??
lollypopilane Report | 02/19/2010 12:23 am
This post was removed because it appeared to be spam / chain mail.
Romance Eve Report | 02/12/2010 8:45 pm
Romance Eve
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So good to hear from you again! I definitely missed talking to you. Well, I'm happy to hear you're doing well! So when did you get this new job? How do you like it? Do you make good money? It's good you still get to create songs and stuff even if you don't have time to practice with your friends. You should try to get on more and we can talk!

Genlou Report | 08/21/2009 12:31 pm
Hello I think you're f**
Romance Eve Report | 08/10/2009 11:16 am
Romance Eve
oh you do?
like a customer service thing?
and that's a cool band name
you should upload your band performance onto youtube
you might get famous ;]
Romance Eve Report | 07/30/2009 11:26 pm
Romance Eve

lol, a ten would be awesome but the contested already ended D:

what's the name of your band now? and i'm glad you guys are doing well, you have a job? =O
what do you do?
i have one too but not at a hospital :[, i'm just a cashier at a store

Romance Eve Report | 07/19/2009 12:12 pm
Romance Eve
hey n.n
could you vote a 5 for my avi in the arena please? 4laugh
Vote here :3
Romance Eve Report | 06/18/2009 1:36 pm
Romance Eve

Yeah the spirit halo came from another RIG, I don't know which one but the only way to get it is to buy it off the marketplace or try your luck and get it out of the RIG. Oh yeah...I remember you wanting the summoning tome, lol. I would have gotten it for you a long time ago if you never left =P Yeah a while ago, I wanted the kiki and I was so close to getting it and then it doubled in price, I was very frustrated lol.

A new band? What happened to the old one? And are you still playing the drums? Do you get paid for your gigs? How do you make money?

I'm going to school for nursing :] And I'm trying to get a job at a hospital but no luck so far D:


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Romance Eve

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