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Hi, how's it going? I'm a responsible, mature adult. Meaning I have a permanent job in which I get paid pretty good, live in an apartment with my girlfriend, pay my own bills, and going to college. I'm still young though, I'm in my early 20's. I moved into a different town, but I'm having trouble making friends. I'm very shy and it's hard for me to approach new people, however it's easy for me to write on the computer to people I can't see. Why can't I talk to real people I can see, I don't know... sad On a positive note, I'm a fairly good artist. Unfortunately, I'm falling behind on technology(why do I have to be born/raised poor?! stare ). I hope someday I would be able to improve myself by getting new equipment... Photoshop Elements II and a really nice scanner. *drool*

Things I like/love: Video games, manga, electronica genre music, cats, cartoons, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Adventure Time, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic(Fluttershy and Derpy Hooves are best ponies!), anime, Sailor Moon, college, my job biggrin , hanging out with friends or my girlfriend, nice/friendly people, my computer(except when it's lagging mad ), Chinese food(any good food is good, especially foreign foods, but I really love Chinese... mmmmmm... mrgreen ), Hot Topic, rainy days, Barnes and Noble, art/craft stores, women wink , many animals in general, staying at home, and being wrapped up in a blanket in a cold house.

Things I hate/loathe:
Mean people, heights, being alone, being depressed, short weekends, being too overwhelmed, lack of freedom, politics, hot days, exercise, sports, and being in a crowded room or a party with no one I know or to talk to.


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Joya Kittie Report | 11/26/2013 8:50 pm
Joya Kittie
I just realized I am one of four friends that you have on here eek ... YOU MUST REALLY LIKE ME 4laugh
Elliot_Rhymeless Report | 09/14/2013 2:12 pm
Thanks for your purchase! ^^
ohCole Report | 07/27/2013 11:18 am
Bwahaha! I'm glad you like it!
I must admit to catching myself also mesmerized by that funky smooth cat in my siggie



We're all mad here. ~ Cheshire Cat


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