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Hello Darlings, I'm now 20 and I live in Florida.

You will almost never not see me dressed as a character I love on here, male or female. ❤ I enjoy music, cooking, literature, film, art, comic books, and animation. Hiking is my favorite pass time, and my dream home happens to be a tree house.

I don't usually show it on here, but I am immensely infatuated by Steampunk and Neo-Victorian culture. And Vikings. Of course.

I am a humanitarian, a supporter of love, and an optimist with faith in humanity. In a loving relationship with my partner of 3 years, and I'm apart of the LGBT community. I am openly Transgendered if one asks me, though I usually wont bring it up myself.

Aside from that, I'm an artist--- I feel that's a bold thing to claim but it's the closest to the truth that I can manage. I paint, and I draw. I'm currently interested in animation, special effects, and comic book art.

Feel free to send me a message if you'd like, I'm always up for conversation amongst friendly folk.