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Glaceyon Report | 10/19/2009 9:07 pm
Umm excuse me...-blushes-
are you the Sam-Sam i keep hearing so much about from Sunny?
-blushes, hoping youre the right person-
Soliel Giordano Kyouto Report | 09/12/2009 6:52 pm
Soliel Giordano Kyouto
hehe I like Kiba biggrin Its awesome thx Sammy ur the best!!!
Lanncer28 Report | 09/01/2009 11:37 am
Idk y I'm on. Just remember that i have a lot of clothes and stuff o.O. And this is bookmarked on my browser still xd
Lanncer28 Report | 08/26/2009 11:57 pm
Wild Magikarp Report | 07/19/2009 1:07 pm
Wild Magikarp
Why yes, I am a proud Pot-head... amazingly not in the drug sense. xD;;

And yeah, too many people die. Then again it is a war. And let's just say the ending's not going to be what you expect. =P
Wild Magikarp Report | 07/16/2009 4:45 pm
Wild Magikarp
If you do get lazy, then I could just spoil the ending. 8D

Just kidding. xP
Wild Magikarp Report | 07/15/2009 4:49 am
Wild Magikarp
Srsly? Tell me how the movie is, alright? ^^
Wild Magikarp Report | 07/08/2009 2:06 pm
Wild Magikarp
Pretty good. Really bored though. Most of my days consist of reading books on the summer list, volunteering for a mass amount of hours, and waiting in anticipation once every week to watch "I Survived a Japanese Game Show". xD;;;

And how are you? ^^
Wild Magikarp Report | 06/01/2009 1:27 pm
Wild Magikarp
Indeed they did, so it's not like I was going to win the argument when it came to the fact that I was asleep while the guys were in my room... gonk

Oh well... I only have one day of detention left. ^^;;;
Wild Magikarp Report | 05/29/2009 1:38 pm
Wild Magikarp
The reason I asked for it was because Doc found out that a few of my roommates snuck two boys into our room in Anime Boston. Auer called me in today; I have three days detention, along with the rest of the roommates. The guys have five. @___@
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