My About Me<3

Hey (: It's Natalie here. This used to be my friend's gaia account until I stole it from her. ! haha. well for starters, I'm 14. 118 pounds/5/8. <3 I'm a aspiring model& actress(: I'm a freshman in highschool~! I I'm single. ;D I crack up at the weirdest things , my friends and I love to get rowdy at parties.! I always have a comeback for everything, we'll that's just me. (: I'm really random, but you get used to it, like my family& friends did. TONSSS of ppl say I look like Selena Gomez. I speak English, Slovakian and some spanish [: I don't tolerate s**t from anybody, I will ALWAYS stand up for myself and my friends. I LOVE taylor lautner. he's my icecream to my cone<3 FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER! <3 :

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