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Eh not much to think of to be honest i'm a mad gamer i love learning new traits kinda tecky i'm a nerd i love to watch anime i give all kinds of anime a try i'm super hyper and i'm blunt and rude but i'm never serious i'm mad laid back uh super chill but shy too also p pervy uh s**t send me an add and lets talk i dont give out free stuff id rather tell you the way i make my money so you can earn it your self ninja

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90s-Gemini Report | 03/22/2017 9:12 pm
Thanks for purchasing and have a nice day 3nodding
Sadasu Report | 03/22/2017 6:26 pm
Both ~ after 7 years dating xD
Sadasu Report | 03/22/2017 6:20 pm
awee thank you so much ~ appreciated it heart
Zoiine Report | 01/22/2017 11:27 am
Thank you for selling! biggrin
Gasai Shizuka Report | 01/15/2017 11:17 am
Gasai Shizuka
Thanks for buying yum_strawberry
LuckandKey Report | 01/04/2017 3:07 pm
..::Thanks for buying!::..
"Oso gonplei nou ste odon.
Gouthru klir hashta yu soujon,
kom taim oso fali kom daun gon graun-de.
Mebi oso na hit choda op nodotaim."
Wolfero_Nyx Report | 12/31/2016 7:12 pm
Thank you for buying~!!
Item Purchased: Tama the Plucky Warrior

Have a lovely day/night

BlueberryLion Report | 12/31/2016 1:48 pm
Ohh! That's why! It's fine, I needed them anyway smile
Argreta Report | 10/29/2016 11:10 am
Thanks so, so much for the gifts!! gaia_kittenstar

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Woah! How did you find this wow nice eyes my friend!
Seriously good job give your self a pat on the back.
Let me know if you found this i might just reward
you for your efforts.... Maybe... IDK honestly depends
Ill even put your name here if any one finds this.
If they find this?