• Lawn Gnome Clipper[122]
  • Pink Flamingo Fighter[125]
  • Garlic Picker[134]
  • Cherry Fluff Victor[149]
  • Taiko Drum Banger[152]
  • Kokeshi Doll Trickster[158]
  • Kokeshi Doll Reveler[159]
  • Grass Fluff Gardener[161]
  • Close the Barn Door![223]
  • Durem Blockade[224]
  • I Can Almost Touch the Stars[229]
  • Ranch Hand[250]
  • Barton 3[251]
  • Ninja Trials[252]
  • The Wailing Windmill[253]
  • Free Spirited[347]


I kept my BOO avatar for 1,514 days. Thanks for releasing the skin, tho we lost!
Release OR un-soulbind SIN and Potatoverseer skins too!
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Crabtreehamma Hoff Report | 07/15/2019 1:06 pm
Thank you!! heart
Ahhh i love your avi!!! Sooo pretty
Crabtreehamma Hoff Report | 07/14/2019 12:45 am
Ahhh! I can't believe people are actually looking at my pictures lol!! All for you!
Damn that is a lot of legos! How did your mom guilt you? Rude!! Do your kids build giant cities? Do they pick them up after? Lool!! I'm so jealous I want to go to Lego Land!!!
And yuck dogs!! If you're too lazy to pick up the poop then why even have them cuz you know if theyre too lazy to pick up poop theyre too lazy to do other basic things for a dog. Smh b
Also i forgot to say we haven't been to a pool but they have splash pads here. You know cuz here in Nebraska we have water to waste and not have droughts hahaha! But when we go O bring a long a trash bag and cover the drain so it floods the concrete and makes a little baby pool. But other than that we use the cold hose water. My dad found one of those plastic forever pools you know one color and 5$ for the smallest ones. All chewed up by a dog but we still put water in and play in it haha!
Girl yes! I want to lose 25lbs too!! I'm down to my last pounds so it's going to be a long battle if I want to lose that much waaah!! My friggin you know who always bloats me and I gain 4lbs of bloat weight. Grrrr! So it makes me sad and I feel like I ruind my diet. Baaah!
Happy Sunday! How are you?
Crabtreehamma Hoff Report | 07/13/2019 12:03 am
Yaaaay it worked! I'll get better pix tomorrow! But the eggplant pic i took tonight!
Crabtreehamma Hoff Report | 07/13/2019 12:02 am

let's see if this works lololol good luck to me
Crabtreehamma Hoff Report | 07/12/2019 11:28 pm
My kitten pin heart heart heart
Crabtreehamma Hoff Report | 07/12/2019 11:28 pm
Yessss i took pictures! I will download imgur and upload them for you in a minute!!! My garden is soo tiny hehe no need to be jealous. I think I'm going to buy 2 raspberry canes and 2 blueberry plants and put them infront of my porch. I looked for some today but there was nothing!! I did find a 3 person backyard swing for super cheap at Walmart tonight! So excited for it!
I wish I could be a minimalist and have less stuff in my house too. But you know how it is with little kids. Everyone wants to give you everything for the kids and toys!! I actually just bought some plastic plates, bowls and cups. My dishes are too heavy for the baby. Lol uggh! I hope you make lots of money at your yard sale!
The best way to find out about things on here is start cheap lmao! But ofc that's all i can afford 🤣. My outfit is from you lool! Except the skirt and hair. I had them! Thaaaank you! I love it!
Ya picky kids grrr!!
Crabtreehamma Hoff Report | 07/12/2019 11:13 pm
Hi! Testing 1 2 3 i see youre on so lets see if your notifications are working!?! heart
h2ozaki Report | 07/12/2019 8:43 pm
Ha, the delay is no problem, I'm always busy anyways. That sounds like a nice haul of prizes! Too bad most items aren't worth diddly squat since all the inflation. I totally, agree, that's one of the main reasons I like South Park tackle issues head on, wrapped with some parody and satire. Love it. Woah woah someone's an overachiever! Just kidding, go for it! No pain no gain. I'm perfectly satisfied with my little Automotive Degree. If I live and breathe cars anyways, its all I need. You're so busy! Don't forget to take it easy every now and again, that's important too. Life is hard, but I like to stop and smell the roses. That's rough! I'm, so sorry you had a falling out with him. I understand his point of view too, he didn't want to leave his home country. You are right, love is an amazing feeling, but there's no agony like a broken heart. Anyways, I have Dungeon's and Dragons tomorrow, talk more soon!
Socordiasomnia Report | 07/12/2019 5:29 pm
Hello! Thank you for purchasing from my store! heart
Alsaeida Ao Report | 07/11/2019 11:05 pm
thank you for buying please visit my store again


DO NOT MESSAGE ME to ask for donations, discounts, tax off or item trades!

If you do youll be deleted/ignored.
An immature bully harassed me 4x one day from 3 mules lowballing and whining!
I DISABLED PMs, turned them back on weeks later and the harassment continued, so...
All PMs about my store will be considered harassment.
Time out: iOpie (offered 86kp for 240kp item!) iLostHope, aoidatenshi, Lunatic_Tik_Tok, Joi Mai,


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zOMG crew.
PM me for that!


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