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Hello everyone my name is Courtney.

A few quick things about me are that I am 25 years old, I am a huge music fanatic I love listening to music a lot. Music is pretty much my everything and it's what makes my world turn you could say.

I also enjoy playing video games, I play games on a Xbox 360 (plan on getting a ps4 soon) & low end games on my low end 2009 computer, the computer is seriously from 2009 & has never been upgraded or anything. It's still running with the manufacturers hardware, so it really can't run much but I do have a few games that it can run.

I also enjoy watching anime on an occasion not a huge hardcore fan as I was in high school truthfully. Now if wondering my very first anime was the original Fullmetal Alchemist (2003) anime & will always hold a place in my heart you could say lol.

I enjoy dark/gothic things be it clothing, furniture, movies, tv, music, or well anything though the funny thing is I also have a cute/girly side in away I also enjoy cute, pink, girlish things. So people say I am unique for liking both but eh I guess it just depends on my mood I suppose. I see myself mostly dark/gothic truthfully but then there are days I am like nah need to be cute & girlish go figure.

Anyway eh going to take a break from writing this I will add more once I think of more to add.


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nightingaleofdiamonds Report | 11/13/2019 8:08 am
Thanks again for the forum reply!! ❤
Richter Belmont X Report | 10/09/2019 5:22 pm
Richter Belmont X
You sound rad as ********, ma'am. 3nodding
Bozu-kun Report | 05/29/2019 11:18 pm
thanks for buying the outfit. biggrin
On my Oj Report | 10/29/2018 6:14 am
On my Oj
You seem like a upfront down to earth cool person. (read profile)
but yeah thank you for buying. if your ever at my store and see something you like. just let me know.
you'll get a discount after your first buy.
Xedhadeaus Report | 10/17/2018 5:10 pm
One friend... You gotta fix that...
sheskull creator Report | 10/08/2018 12:45 am
sheskull creator
heart thank you for buying
The Chartreuse Moose Report | 09/11/2018 8:57 am
The Chartreuse Moose
Saw you in the forum and just wanted to say amazing avi cosplay!
Ilia-bb Report | 09/07/2017 7:29 am
Thank You for buying Dear! 3nodding
redbull with Cheese Report | 08/16/2017 9:36 am
redbull with Cheese
hey i saw u post in forums and i like how your still strong about it
just leaving some love heart heart
Squeak3rz Report | 08/14/2017 3:55 pm
Thank you for your purchase 3nodding

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